Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 13: Tone Curve (Training Tutorial)

Learn Lightroom 5 - Part 13: Tone Curve (Training Tutorial)

In this video, I demonstrate how to utilize the Tone Curve panel in Lightroom to adjust your images. This video and the Learn Lightroom 5 Video Tutorials are…
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19 responses to “Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 13: Tone Curve (Training Tutorial)”

  1. Anthony Morganti says:

    Eli Lapid, this crazy YouTube comment system won’t allow me to answer your
    question directly. So, I hope you see this: It won’t appear there until you
    make a manual change to the curve. Push the curve up or down and Custom
    will now be there. That’s your custom adjustment.

  2. Andy Cresswell says:

    Another great videon Anthony,would have never have thought of uing Tone
    curve,will now give it ago

  3. Gerald Austin says:

    It’s obvious from your videos I have been watching that you love what you
    do and you love sharing it.
    I have watched about 12 of your videos in the last couple of weeks and they
    have all been excellent.
    Great job!

  4. Michael Ehringhaus says:

    I’ve never understood the tone curve very well. You did a rest job
    explaining it, demonstrating it. Many thanks!

  5. sohail fartaj says:

    thank you very much once again

  6. George Singer says:

    Very helpful, since red flowers are always a problem for me, due to

  7. Nam Vu Minh says:

    Appreciated for your videos, thank you

  8. Eli Lapid says:

    I don’t see “custom” under the point curve: scroller as one of the options.

  9. emperorskill says:

    I have done watching all of ur part, it’s very useful for me.. Thanks
    Anthony Morganti

  10. Simon Garcia says:

    thanks for another great session, feel like i should be paying you. thanks
    so much! 

  11. Keral Chapman says:

    I learnt a lot in 13 Thanks 

  12. rizlahouse says:

    Thanks I appreciate the help. Great video

  13. SanPedro22 says:

    Excellent. All videos in this series are great. Very professional. 

  14. Rich Miles says:

    Great video Anthony. You’re a great teacher. I’ve gone through all the
    videos on the Adobe official Lightroom Youtube channel, and yours are by
    far superior. I’m planning on watching your entire series, then moving on
    to the Photoshop series. Thanks.

  15. commercialvideoinc says:

    Anthony, Great video series, thank you!

  16. PackAJizz says:

    Your tutorials are amazing! thank you! :)

  17. Anthony Morganti says:

    Thank you for the compliment and thank you for watching!

  18. Karl Wilson says:

    Anthony, thank you you are absolutely the best lecturer, teacher of this
    subject software. Thanks again

  19. Andrés Fuentes Belmar says:

    Just finished watching the 13 parts you have published so far. All I can
    say is thank you very much!

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