Lightroom Tutorial: Timelapse Photography

Lightroom Tutorial: Timelapse Photography

A quick look at how to use Adobe Lightroom to make timelapse videos. Lightroom only makes individual clips, mind you, so you’ll still have to combine those c…

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6 responses to “Lightroom Tutorial: Timelapse Photography”

  1. Manav Kumar says:

    Really thank you buddy… Much appreciated.

  2. Jadyn McLeod says:

    There’s something wrong with my approach here. I followed the steps and set
    the template speed at 36fps (as my video includes people). I exported to my
    desktop to look at the result and it showed up with the slowest general fps
    allowed on lightroom 5 (1.0).So the damn thing looked all wrong and is
    about 25mins long! I don’t know what I’ve done wrong, but I’m new at this
    at getting so frustrated..I will say that your video has been the most
    informative thus far.

  3. Rajender Razdan says:

    Thanks, Jadyn for a very well made tutorial that helped me greatly. I had
    one question. While exporting as a movie from slideshow in Lightroom 5
    (using the presets you created) how do you set it to be 720p vs 1080p? Are
    these set in the presets? and if so, how?

  4. Thegamer Dad says:

    Great work guys!!

  5. Jadyn McLeod says:

    Hi there, Thanks for the response. I typed 0.027777778 in Text Edit. I was
    hoping that it wouldn’t be a problem with Lightroom5. I am by no means a
    professional photographer and one of the main reasons I chose to buy it was
    to do some time-lapse. I really appreciate you helping out 🙂 Thank you.

  6. terve37 says:

    nice! I never thought this could be done with Lightroom, you made my day!

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