After Effects Energy Ball Tutorial

After Effects Energy Ball Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to make an energy ball in adobe after effects. I tried to go slow and make it basic, but if you need help, just message me. (I expe…
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23 responses to “After Effects Energy Ball Tutorial”

  1. Oipeeepwns says:

    I’m really impressed with how much you know even though you are probably
    only 10-12. Thank this was a great tutorial!

  2. EPiCnEsS ISePiC says:

    This kid is so amazing that i want to shank him

  3. VFX GUY says:

    u r awesome man we should be friends on facebook U HAVE EARNED MY SUBSCRIBE

  4. makhi dutta says:

    o man nice . thnx fr this tutorial 🙂

  5. Emon Khan says:


  6. cornflakes23 says:

    oh well in that case, i dont blame you, i wouldve done the same.

  7. Amal T S says:

    Hiii i hav made a video with energy ball with sound effects too and am
    going to make a tutorial on the video who cannot spin come to my channel
    and ask the questions guys…….and watch the tut subscribe

  8. corrine rosenfeld says:

    i have a mac too and you do the same thing except after you me the circle,
    you have to click the button on the top left that looks like the mouse to
    do the rest

  9. Jake Backman says:

    @Triforce09 its because with more effects it has to render every one has
    that problem just click ram preveiw it should go slow but then play it in
    real time

  10. SHuffleHardDieTryinG says:

    for your hand to shine you need some extra layers and masks on your hand

  11. Clark Kent says:


  12. KyranThePleb says:

    if you want it to just vanish, just cut the layer off, thats what i do when
    i get problems with key frames and stuff

  13. ereveton says:

    there is a waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easyer way!!!

  14. laurens12b says:

    nice thx

  15. Herb Ritz says:

    My new hero

  16. dragonvms says:

    thanks 😀 it worked!

  17. GugliottiCo says:


  18. Kaiser Hayat says:

    10/10 rate really awesome it xame out great.

  19. ProductionPoptropica says:

    This is SOOO cool!!! Thank you so much! Big help!

  20. Alex Verni says:

    thanks bud!

  21. farman hunar says:

    thank u very good am leven in uk but am orgnal am from iraq i wish i be
    like u

  22. TainerXProductions says:

    fuck you ! 100000 words for 1 point ! assehole

  23. ZeckTheMineCrafter says:

    How old r u?

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