Trace An Image Fast in Illustrator: The Pen Tool

Trace An Image Fast in Illustrator: The Pen Tool

Today I will be showing you a quick technique on how to quickly and smoothly trace an image in Illustrator . Quick Links: Create the complete vector Apple bi…

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16 responses to “Trace An Image Fast in Illustrator: The Pen Tool”

  1. Chipwhitley274 says:

    That is an amazing job, but in my opinion your lighting affect is too
    pronounced, I think the original apple has a much more subtle light

  2. Slash Petattack says:

    Great video and very helpful!

  3. Robert Pugh says:

    I can outline the same image creating curves as I go, with much better
    results, faster than the two step process used. It would take me much less
    than a minute to have a complete outline finished.

  4. Settimo Elemento says:

    I’m so glad I found your channel. I love all of your videos!

  5. Folks strokedancer says:

    Thank you…..Love it

  6. Bryant Dodd says:

    Using a gradient mesh tool would make it look more realistic

  7. chankee chung says:


  8. Keli Zheng says:

    awesome video!! learning illustrator is fun!! :)

  9. Ashley Eisenman says:

    Jez from Peep Show?!

  10. aerhiencre says:

    how can it be fast but in 11 minutes?

  11. tn2543 says:

    Nice and clear tutorial! Thanks man!

  12. biscuitcake says:

    I’m a complete beginner to Illustrator and I found this really helpful.
    Nice job!

  13. EJR9 says:

    Could’ve halved the length of this video EASILY but w/e nice tut.

  14. joj0lly says:

    stewie from family guy.

  15. cutelilshooorty says:

    I learn more from youtube than my actual professors lol

  16. Richard Selby says:

    if my voice sounded like that, I would too

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