After Effects Tutorial: Knife Head Stabbing

After Effects Tutorial: Knife Head Stabbing

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7 responses to “After Effects Tutorial: Knife Head Stabbing”

  1. Brandon Bordeaux says:


  2. Krisch Attila says:

    De nem is az alapoktól mutatod, nem értem ezt az egészet :/

  3. Sharif Razzaq says:

    The main thing u have to do….Iz feather tha shit out of
    everything…lol!!! Im sorry man but shit got to me…..Good video and
    effects man…no lie.

  4. Sharif Razzaq says:

    Like because of the video but mostly because at 5:23. lol! Feather tha shit
    out of

  5. Ras JumaideHD says:

    u can also use the “wiggles” in the AF if u want a camera movement…

  6. SuperMrBlob says:

    thanks 😀

  7. TheJesusXP says:

    thanks man…

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