Earth Hour Tutorial After effects

Earth Hour Tutorial After effects

In this tutorial, we are going in depth with shapes and CC sphere to create amazing and stylish infographic video animation. We are going to cover: *CC spher…
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17 responses to “Earth Hour Tutorial After effects”

  1. Moshe Sherman says:

    isreal, is not there

  2. EddyUniverse - Intros & more! says:

    I’m from Singapore! Hello neighbour! :)

  3. TeamFlamingStones says:

    F***! I almost died from shock after that sneeze.

  4. Taavi Rull says:

    Hey! Awesome job and thank you for that!
    I just have one question – what AE version you’re using here? CS5/6? (i’ve
    done everything by your tut, but for some reasons the curves of the path
    stroke starting at 13.33 are different and i can’t figure out why) Maybe
    because of the AE version? No?

  5. ahmed adel says:

    Great work

  6. Red Northern says:

    ill subscribe for you 🙂
    for this amazing tuto and for Hamdoulah 🙂 

  7. Karlos Mrez says:

    Hey man. I would like to learn this, but i don’t know where can i find
    tutorials for begginers, thanks so much!!

  8. sav000 says:

    where do u find reposition anchorpoint script??

  9. James Orlowski says:

    Where is the ‘overshoot’ tutorial?

  10. Paola Garzón says:

    Hey! good tutoriar… but the ease and wizz? where can i find it?

  11. Torki Noor says:

    Bro , Thanks You It’s Helpful To Me , Keep Going 

  12. Susame says:

    I wasn’t searching for this, just clicked because i liked the idea, then i
    found a lot of cool stuff that i needed really bad. Thanks a lot! :)


    can u just send me the document of this tutorial via email?

  14. David TheBoss says:

    I live in malaysia too…Your tutorial was fantastic man…

  15. Haythem Rebhi says:

    This is really awesome, japenese songs are so cool also , from where can i
    get them ^^ hehe ?

  16. 김주연 says:

    This is very good good video! :D

  17. Elimar Lobo says:


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