Reddit CSS Tutorial – Part 2 – Banner Image and Moving The Reddit Logo

Reddit CSS Tutorial - Part 2 - Banner Image and Moving The Reddit Logo

This is the second video in a series of Reddit CSS tutorial videos. Comment below on any topics you specifically want me to cover. I updated the code below s…
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15 responses to “Reddit CSS Tutorial – Part 2 – Banner Image and Moving The Reddit Logo”

  1. Alekaei says:

    couldbt u make the banner width be 100% and it will be the size of the
    screen always

  2. Brady Burnsides says:

    Will you please take the code from your description and put it in a
    pastebin for me? I can’t copy it.

  3. kandii88 says:

    This was incredibly helpful, thanks!

  4. George Hirst says:

    i cant get this to work
    .redditname a
    text-indent: -9000px;

  5. ThefrypodiPod says:

    I can’t read the text, is there a way to watch this in hq?

  6. King Jeff says:

    Is the code in the description correct? Can’t seem to used it 

  7. ROODAY says:

    i cant get the reddit logo to shorten to just the alien

  8. Wes Smith says:

    your video is too small for me to see anything you are doing :/

  9. lakeavenue says:

    Hello, thank you for these amazing tutorials! My banner isnt showing the
    full photo (only showing the top third, probably due to size), and it is
    repeating. Any way to center or move around the banner? Thanks!

  10. mike scholl says:

    What are the dimensions of the banner pic before you upload it?

  11. kimaegaii says:

    hm. it didn’t work for me. i copied and pasted the code too.

  12. cow2496 says:

    How can I do this without getting rid of the pagename text? Using this code
    it makes it stick to the top of the banner.

  13. Jasper Axelson says:

    You are the only person i have subscribed (I think) thank you for your
    videos. You deserve more.

  14. ThePotatoPilot says:

    That means a lot, thanks!

  15. durfkin15 says:

    Thank you, searched the web forever and no luck until i watched this

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