Lightroom 5 – How To Create VSCO Presets For Free

Lightroom 5 - How To Create VSCO Presets For Free

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23 responses to “Lightroom 5 – How To Create VSCO Presets For Free”

  1. Adam Scott says:

    VSCO sucks. You really can’t beat ‘real’ film. 

  2. Jenn Miranda says:

    great video, dude! thanks :)

  3. SharonHaber66 says:

    Quite odd, the raw looks better to me… 

  4. Frankie Montelongo says:

    dude, i just discovered you today, literally about 30 min ago. love your
    videos already, man. I’ve always wondered how this was done. thank you.
    you’ve earned a new subscriber & fellow photographer supporter! even
    followed you on IG!

  5. plezx29 says:

    Personally don’t like the preset, and it kind of shows that you’re
    overpaying some software for next to nothing adjustments. But good video

  6. Linda Wisdom says:

    Thank you, was looking for someone to explain how to get that film look
    I’ve been wanting to do prior to buying filters :)

  7. Hope Easter says:

    This video was so helpful. Thank you so much for this. :)

  8. Paul Pictures says:

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Kate Goertzen says:

    Oh my goodness.. this is totally what i have been looking for FOREVER!!
    Thanks pal

  10. Derrick Jones says:


  11. Umesh Mittu says:

    that was just as i needed ! Thank u David!

  12. Janelle Liebeck says:

    Thank you so much! 

  13. KTfulwood says:

    Where are your presets? Free and for sale… couldn’t see them on your

  14. D A H K E L says:

    People actually buy the VSCO film packs? You can just pirate them haha

  15. Stephen D'Arcy says:

    Nice work David. 

  16. Beka Fox says:

    You just saved me a lot of money……….. 🙂 

  17. Harry Labita says:

    Okay I just subscribed. 😀 Nice Video. Learned things and shame on me! for
    stopping shooting in RAW! Hahahaha

  18. Soph Bogar says:

    You’re great explaining. And very cute & funny 🙂 Love your style 🙂 Keep
    it up!

  19. Gambit2531 says:

    Sweet tutorial!

  20. Christian Hamelius says:

    Thank you very much for this video +David Iliyn. Very well explained.

  21. allan cubilla says:

    I really love these faded effects. thanks for the tutorial and i am about
    to practice now. Keep it up with the good job. 

  22. Angel Sanchez says:
  23. Eunice Han says:

    Thank you! 

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