Unity C# Beginner Tutorial – The User Interface (Part 01)

Unity C# Beginner Tutorial - The User Interface (Part 01)

The first part of a brand new Unity tutorial series where we will be covering C# in Unity. Introduction to C# in Unity is a series that aims to teach newcome…
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25 responses to “Unity C# Beginner Tutorial – The User Interface (Part 01)”

  1. filfat says:

    Pro Tip: Switch to OneDrive, its waaaay better ;)

  2. Patrick Casella says:

    “Family Photos” Heh. Sure (;

  3. Ben Copeland says:

    Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series. I would love to make games on
    Unity. +Benson McMoran +Travis Hammer 

  4. digitalsketchguy says:

    I am new to Unity. These tuts are great thanks!

  5. Cho Zen says:

    hehe Funny ending! 😛
    Nice tut!

  6. AwfulMedia says:

    Here’s a long overdue video to launch a new series. I hope how awesome the
    series is going to be will help make up for my absence!

    Seriously, thanks guys.

  7. VagrantLP says:

    A very helpful and easy to follow tutorial. Will you also be doing a Unity
    2D tutorial series or will the information from the 3D side be easily
    translated to 2D?

  8. Achmad Mardjoeki says:

    Great series! Keep up the awesome work ! 

  9. Aidan Beggs says:

    “family photos”

  10. BengaloFFM says:

    Glad you’re back mate. 

  11. Fran Avilés says:

    Just started. It really seams what I was looking for. Thanks!

  12. Morgen Freeman says:

    Will I like how u explain all of this! Subbed

  13. BoubalishGames says:

    keeep this alive braaaaaaaaa, it nice

  14. Sumit Yadav says:

    I’m new to unity..scripts especially c# …. and i think your tutorials
    will guide me well sir :)

  15. Austin Gregory says:

    Part 1 of the Introduction to C# in Unity is up. Part 2 will be up shortly
    so go ahead and get this one out of the way!

  16. Zuflus Frozenhearth says:

    I need these tutorials in the nearest future 🙂 sub

  17. TEK NEAK says:

    thank u so much for taking the time to do these Videos, they are much
    appreciated, im ready to Learn from you! 

  18. A'den Senju says:

    Great way to make games while arbitrarily learning the arcane mixture of
    creation and problem solving. You sir, are a beast, that’s a compliment

  19. FutsalMovies says:

    Maybe you can make a playlist

  20. lordreighn says:

    this is awful, awfully good!

  21. Harry Masic says:

    Loving this U Are The Best 

  22. MissFamicom says:

    So glad you made this series, i just got my Oculus Rift and it has inspired
    me to start coding again. Thanks Austin!!

  23. Drake3498 says:

    The search function will allow you to find objects of what you enter inside
    the game/editor view. It will grey everything out except the object(s) you
    searched for and allows you to focus to them by pressing F. You can also
    focus on the object in the hierarchy by pressing F while hovering the mouse
    over it.


    Your voice is so calming o3o

  25. Daniel Mills says:

    Thank You

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