Visual C# – Login Form Tutorial

Visual C# - Login Form Tutorial

Tutorial show how to do a login form for C# beginners.
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10 responses to “Visual C# – Login Form Tutorial”

  1. Mayorwest67 says:

    it wont work for me. i think everything is exact, but when i finish, it
    tells me
    does not contain a static ‘Main’ method suitable for an entry point’ Please
    help me out!

  2. GhostFire218 says:

    the textbox must be named “a1_txtb” not a1 or just remove “_txtb” from the
    if condition.

  3. Kim Soo says:

    Else doesnt work

  4. lolboxFTW says:

    its wrong, u would do, if(a1.Text == “answer1”)…

  5. LeftTechticle says:

    Good one, thanks

  6. GhostFire218 says:

    There would be different options,for example you can format your text like
    that: Username=User1 Password=Pw1 Username=User1 Password=Pw1 then you have
    to do a loop and split the text and get only the second part while checking
    if the data from the split is equal to a username or password

  7. Asela M says:

    tnx buddy…………….

  8. ZuvioxArts says:

    How would you do it with a list of people. I want to create a login in
    which there are 5 people with accounts. Therefore 5 usernames and passwords.

  9. Gordon T says:

    wont work.. i named my textbox a1 and i put… if(a1_txtb.Text == answer1)
    and it gives me a error on the a1_txtb.Text saying it doesnt exist or

  10. GhostFire218 says:

    You are doing something of wrong.It works for me at 100%

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