3ds Max Tutorials – Using Raytrace for Reflection & Refraction

3ds Max Tutorials - Using Raytrace for Reflection & Refraction

3ds max Modeling – Using Raytrace for Reflection and Refraction.
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20 responses to “3ds Max Tutorials – Using Raytrace for Reflection & Refraction”

  1. Calin Petrescu says:

    refraction makes light go through the material and it is only used for
    glass meaterials.

  2. Carlos A. Tapia Ch says:

    The music is from Final Fantasy VII?

  3. Sherry Blake says:

    i love the music, what song is that? can give me the name


    reflection is ok but why you use refraction?

  5. rosesimaa says:

    Loving ur tutorials so far and am sure i will be loving the coming ones,
    thank you !

  6. BlackSpid3y says:

    nice model man .

  7. Tara Arts Movie says:

    @Pavandon53xy Reading books about 3ds max, studied by myself 🙂

  8. la gizzy says:

    your tutorial are way too easy. at last i understand it with this simple

  9. FaceTheVenom says:

    Wow, you everything it in 1:51! Straight and Simple! Subbed!

  10. ComputerFreundStefan says:

    sry, but i don’t use this program!

  11. vshda says:

    damn, sick 240sx, that’s my dream car, man!! i wish i could get that in
    real life! anyways good job man 😀

  12. Guss67T says:

    really good, i love the S13, but why the body on the left side is

  13. Pavandon53xy says:

    where did u learn car modelling from?

  14. Niall Horn says:

    Add a skylight and turn the shadows up to at least 17! ( Leave the Omni
    there as well!)

  15. BijouCinema says:

    wow, i love your tutorials

  16. Pavandon53xy says:

    @TaraArtsMovie can you tell me the name of the book?

  17. rednivog50 says:

    great tutorial, and the music works too! by the way what is the music?

  18. Tara Arts Movie says:

    @rednivog50 it’s from game called Final Fantasy 7, but this is from the
    movie version, Final Fantasy Advent Children called Tifa’s Theme 🙂

  19. Niall Horn says:

    Thanks Man!

  20. Maarten Mtr says:

    How did you learn how to work with V-Ray? And also, what book would you
    recommend for learning V-Ray? Thank you for the tutorial 😀

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