C# – Login with a DataSet (tutorial)

C# - Login with a DataSet (tutorial)

Today i am showing you how to create a simple login with a dataset. A dataset is a database within c# that is stored using a XML! Please check out Team Dutch…
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12 responses to “C# – Login with a DataSet (tutorial)”

  1. Vitao says:

    I tried the same, but for me it says for
    Username = dsUsers.Tables[“LoginUsers”].Rows[i][“UserName”].ToString();
    Password = dsUsers.Tables[“LoginUsers”].Rows[i][“Password”].ToString();
    for the [i] that The name ´i`Does Not Exist in the Current Context.
    Did i miss something?

  2. Julian Esteves says:

    Thanks for the tutorial! very good

  3. JarppaGuru says:

    Looks like very secure program. What if user read your xml file and see
    username/password. he get in your program haha

  4. Mhar Santiago says:

    Please repost this with a clear video … Thanks

  5. Mohamed Abdlaal says:

    its work but i cant do it in asp.net thanks

  6. TheCodeMaster says:

    That error occours because the root of your harddrive is protected. You can
    try to set the permissions of the map (sharing settings) but I have not got
    that to work. So everything but the root of C

  7. TheCodeMaster says:

    I do not know this. it only reads XML.

  8. TheCodeMaster says:

    Thanks for the feedback. I will work on that

  9. Anand S says:

    it does not work… i had an one error access to the path ‘C:XMLUser.xml’
    is denied… plz help me…….

  10. Andre Mudd says:

    Really hard to see anything.

  11. TheCodeMaster says:

    Well I stronly disrecommend using the root of the hdd, But if you want you
    need to have the xml ready (or make a map in C:/) en then right click ->
    properties->Security and there you need to set the users to full acces. If
    that does not work then I don not have a clue how to do it (Windows is very
    secure on the root)

  12. TheCodeMaster says:

    This technique is very old so the new environments of C# could not work

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