CSS Tutorial 5: AK47

CSS Tutorial 5: AK47

This tutorial goes over the basics of firing the AK47. Please watch my tutorial Moving Aiming and Shooting first, as in this tutorial I assume you understand…
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23 responses to “CSS Tutorial 5: AK47”

  1. Soham Rajput says:


  2. Kikoman Sauce says:

    the first shot isn’t accurate anymore. CSGO ftw 

  3. Mustafa Sakib says:

    what sensitivity do you use? and do you use raw input?

  4. DubGameStepPlay says:

    I Got 1 Tip…kröhöm… If U Use AK47 Shoot To The Legs Of The Player Or to
    Head. 🙂

  5. Itihas Adhikari says:

    Hey there !!! Could u make a tutorial for the two shotguns please????

  6. TheWarOwl says:

    @Icecubebac meaning its the only weapon I usually use. If I’m T side I
    purchase it, if I’m CT, I kill someone and take theirs.

  7. ScopedPewPew says:

    Do these still apply I thought they changed the way guns function in cs :/

  8. Jacob MsENSKY says:

    What is a raw input?

  9. Radovanovic Marko says:

    Jer zna neko ovde Srpski mamu vam jebem

  10. Ajdin Hasanić says:

    I really like ur nick..that sign before nick, can u send it to me please?

  11. WildWestBudgie says:

    @mp2punisher yea, regardless they are both great guns. I wish the g3 was in
    CS:GO because it’s one of my favs too. O well…

  12. Mustafa Sakib says:

    dude do you use raw input?

  13. Felix Porres says:

    do you use mouse acceleration?

  14. mp2punisher says:

    @WildWestBudgie ohh ok bec. ingame its only called 7.62

  15. Kevin Junior Mekulu says:

    Go to your console or in options

  16. TomJamesPrankCalls says:

    How do you get the dot in the middle of your crosshairs?

  17. impvr1 says:

    @TheWarOwl If i turn it off i’ll have to spend a week getting used
    to/changing the new sensitivity; what difference does it make?

  18. MrStentan says:

    0:46 voice crack.

  19. Mustafa Sakib says:

    @TheWarOwl thank you!

  20. natedog977 says:

    this tut gave me a boner

  21. David F says:

    And what is the best mouse DPI, You would say ?

  22. mp2punisher says:

    i think CS:GO has a G3 i think valve updated it IDK i don’t really have the
    game but im thinking getting the game within this month

  23. TheWarOwl says:

    @jareemon Its a Kalashnikov, trust me. I think CS:S calls it CV for legal
    reasons, not sure.

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