How to Make a Website In Fireworks and Dreamweaver Cs6 Part 1

How to Make a Website In Fireworks and Dreamweaver Cs6 Part 1

In this part of the tutorial we use Fireworks Cs6 to design a website.
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17 responses to “How to Make a Website In Fireworks and Dreamweaver Cs6 Part 1”

  1. Taylor Bee says:

    o___o how.. old are you?

  2. Sunny Pawar says:


  3. Joseph M Gomez says:

    300 DPI?

  4. JGTech says:

    Helpful! :)

  5. John Galt says:


  6. CCommunity says:

    YARHAR Farworks! I’m a didelidoo Pirate! Yar

  7. Sam Logan says:

    love your accent! especially the way you say “farrrworks”. that may sound a
    little insulting but its really not meant to >.<

  8. TheyCalledMeGator says:

    Put out some tutorial videos for Illustrator or Photoshop with as much
    substantive content (regardless of audio quality) and then maybe your
    comment would be constructive. The kid is clearly young, he most likely
    learned Fireworks intuitively and he’s good natured enough to make a
    tutorial for beginners. You’re just pathetic, keep posting anime vids.

  9. Ryan the White says:

    Not to steal this kid’s glory or anything, but you have to remember that he
    is using a PROGRAM to do this. Sure, even with the program it isn’t easy,
    but it a LOT easier than raw code. And check out the official Adobe videos.
    they’re more in-depth, and actually quite helpful.

  10. yegritos9 says:

    For sure you are making more money than all those with negative comments,
    thanks. nice video

  11. Alek Modi says:

    Is your intention to get views and likes on youtube or u really wanna teach
    viewers? Quit your attitude of Haters gona hate. Your speech is really
    confusing. You dont complete sentences which makes it difficult to track
    what u did. Good video but not good tutorial.

  12. Uselessisvids (Henry 8's Channel) says:


  13. Markess A. Wilder says:

    Well Done

  14. Aqworlds Spike says:

    If only I had those adobe products… o-o

  15. Nick Lively says:

    Should’ve made your buttons in illustrator beforehand to avoid the
    pixelation issue, Why use fireworks anyway? I didn’t see one thing that you
    couldn’t do in photoshop or another program, Your audio is less than
    desirable and you don’t explain things very well. The only reason i watched
    it all the way through is because I thought it would’ve gotten better the
    more you went through but all in all its horrible. 😛 don’t read if you
    don’t like

  16. FreelineTech says:

    why would you care if it was anyways

  17. Nick Lively says:

    Or I could do what i want and not listen to arrogant pricks. I go to school
    for this and thought I’d give fireworks a try before the teacher got to it.
    Obviously this was a bad idea. I don’t put cs5 or 6 vids on here because I
    don’t teach people so shut up and move on.

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