Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 7: Portrait Retouch (Training Tutorial)

Learn Lightroom 5 - Part 7: Portrait Retouch (Training Tutorial)

This video is courtesy of: http://AnthonyMorganti.com This is Part 7 of our Learn Lightroom 5 Video series. In this episode we retouch a portrait using nothi…
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8 responses to “Learn Lightroom 5 – Part 7: Portrait Retouch (Training Tutorial)”

  1. Anthony Morganti says:

    You’re Welcome!

  2. Anthony Morganti says:

    You’re welcome!

  3. Kshitij Tanay says:

    Great Video! Love the flow.Thanks!

  4. Anthony Morganti says:

    Great to hear – I’m glad the video helped you! Thank you for watching!

  5. Iyyappan70 says:

    Helped me a lot and i am new to lightroom as well.. so was easy to learn from your video.. great of u..

  6. Anthony Morganti says:

    That’s GREAT to hear!

  7. soberdadrunkrr says:

    awesome….learning a lot

  8. Anthony Morganti says:

    You’re welcome Christopher! I’m glad the videos are helping you and thank you for the feedback!

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