NVIDIA HairWorks 3dsMax Tutorial

NVIDIA HairWorks 3dsMax Tutorial

The 3dsMax tutorial focuses on mesh preparation, grooming and transferring the data via apx out of DCC. For more information see: http://developer.nvidia.com…
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8 responses to “NVIDIA HairWorks 3dsMax Tutorial”

  1. RikkTheGaijin says:

    I tried to export my hair from both Maya and Max, but when I try to open
    the .apx file in the viewer, I get a “File open error” message. Is there a
    forum or a support email to refer to?

  2. STROB.NET says:

    your link bring me to a page not found:

  3. MakeItCG says:

    #NVIDIA #HairWorks #3dsMax Tutorial

  4. Dj_W3rd says:

    I am looking for this Manteldon model to follow this tutorial but I can;t
    seem to find this in my assets folder inside of Max 2013

  5. Kenomica says:

    I’m using Maya LT – which doesn’t support any form of hair. Is it possible
    to use FIbermesh with hairworks? Or another solution?

  6. Dj_W3rd says:

    Where can I download the mesh from?

  7. NvidiaGameWorks says:

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