UVW map modifier in 3Ds Max Tutorial

UVW map modifier in 3Ds Max Tutorial

http://vfxtutorialsblog.blogspot.com/ This tutorial will cover the basics settings ogf the uvw map modifier in 3d studio max used to map 3d objects in order …
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8 responses to “UVW map modifier in 3Ds Max Tutorial”

  1. JB Pollard says:

    Good god the clicking

  2. Ruslana Perrin says:

    i feel just unwrapping this and mapping the texture on afterwards it would
    have been easier and faster ___*

  3. VFXTutorials says:

    @ParkourProduction Thanks man,you know, i’ve been really ill,but now it
    seems I am ok,so I am back! New 3ds max,after effects,zbrush,realflow
    tutorials are on the way!


    cool tutorial !!!more videos

  5. Brian Fantanna says:

    helped alot cheers

  6. FinalStep Vids says:

    I’m not using 3D’s Max but however I’m glad you back ! Welcome back buddy !
    Waiting to see some really awesome stuff from you.

  7. Stan Reed says:

    very cool enjoyed it much and glad your back

  8. LemCyp says:

    Tnx 🙂 Helped me Plenty 🙂

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