Adobe After Effects CS6 Tutorial | Twixtor Plug-In

Adobe After Effects CS6 Tutorial | Twixtor Plug-In

This tutorial teaches you how to create very smooth slow motion with Twixtor in Adobe After Effects CS6. Thanks for watching guys and please leave a like! ▷▷…

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14 responses to “Adobe After Effects CS6 Tutorial | Twixtor Plug-In”

  1. Igor Bajic says:

    What if I have a clip recorded with a gopro camera at 120 FPS I did
    exactly this and i get kind of crapy results, should it not look better
    with higher FPS?

  2. mark shirley says:

    I use Photoshop CS6 video editing capabilities as its much simpler to edit
    with if your new to it. Is it possible to import the Adobe After Effects
    clip into PS6 so I could continue with my normal work flow.

  3. WarGamer says:

    U ARE AWSOME MATE !! lol i was very tired looking for slow motions and now
    i find it (event throught i didn’t watch the whole video i understanded
    finally) Thanks bro

  4. Adam Kurvits says:

    An iphone 5s can record at 120 fps!

  5. Mid Cudi says:

    thanks helped a lot

  6. RSBot2jar says:

    i can’t go over a 99 fps in my comp settings, how do i fix this because i
    got a clip of 250 fps and i want to twixtor it but the comp keeps on
    putting it to 99 fps at max :(

  7. Sevy says:

    Your voice and mic is awesome :D

  8. CalebistheDON says:

    How do u sync the music

  9. Nick Scott says:

    Omg you guys don’t know how to get the full free version of twixtor search
    it up and stop asking icedupgfx

  10. MaSesii FilmsHD says:


  11. wowCW says:

    any details on your camera settings?

  12. Kevin "The Velvet Hammer" Veltre says:

    you make this look SO much easier than it actually is for someone who
    doesn’t know what the hell they are doing.

  13. RydekSan says:

    Quick question. When i do this the entire video slows down slightly. The
    sound is slightly slow-mo’d but when i get to the actual part which i need
    slowing down, that slows down ok but the ending is cut off slightly. No
    idea what’s going on. Always had issues doing this :L Any help would be

  14. Sam Fallen says:

    Will this slow mo the sound of video, as well?

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