Dreamweaver: Create Image Hotspots (Links) – Tutorial

Dreamweaver: Create Image Hotspots (Links) - Tutorial

How to create Image Hotspots (multiple links on an images) in Adobe Dreamweaver. Website: http://www.tutsandtech.com For web design, print design, brand desi…
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24 responses to “Dreamweaver: Create Image Hotspots (Links) – Tutorial”

  1. Scatterbrain Animations says:

    Thank you so much! I owe you many bears!

  2. Johnny Zambrano says:

    Thanks so much for that.

  3. Furfie2000 says:

    Nice, this helped a lot! 

  4. Judson Kimble says:

    Best tutorial i’ve ever seen!!!

  5. Bruce Nelson says:

    Thank you!

  6. Alyson Stasek says:


  7. Ron Noble says:

    2 minutes and forty five seconds! Straight to the point. Thanks for an
    excellent video. 

  8. Aivaras Bankauskas says:

    Thank you sooooooo much

  9. Nathalie Richter says:

    Thanks a lot for the pretty explanation! hugs ;)

  10. rashmin kalukirthige says:

    Thank you soooo much

  11. ayeshaashraf says:


  12. Tysamu Jonashii says:

    Is there a way get the hotspots to auto-resize with the image? Like for
    multiple resolution sizes

  13. mp4ever31 says:

    is da sweet double deal yall

  14. Filip Malmström says:

    Thanks ALOT! 😀

  15. i_marketing says:


  16. palmist81 says:

    will it work if I add hotspot image i created in my video?

  17. CycloneTutorials says:

    You haven’t posted my tutorial :'(

  18. HDPremierleague says:

    Thanks! been trying for days to figure out how to do that, wasnt too hard
    lol thanks man.

  19. Erik Broekhuis says:

    how to make the border of a hotspot glow? or give the hotspot a colour?

  20. Christine Flores-Cozza says:

    what is the difference between a “link” and the “target”?

  21. Xx J A B Z xX says:

    the link is what you click, the target is where it goes to … I think ;/

  22. Ko de Vries says:

    It was doing my head in, until i saw your movie ! GREAT, thanks very much !

  23. Adam Farias says:

    Very straight forward and simply. Thanks

  24. RKRS2195 says:

    I made one from flash but I don’t know how to make it work on Dreamweaver :/

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