Clipping Masks in Adobe Illustrator

Clipping Masks in Adobe Illustrator A concise tutorial on using clipping masks to crop photos in Illustrator. Covers editing with…
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12 responses to “Clipping Masks in Adobe Illustrator”

  1. ccantu32film says:

    “Everybody knows how to use Illustrator” Um, no they don’t. I am a beginner, and I need videos to tell me exactly what to do so I can learn. This was a pretty rude comment.

  2. Bawer Bozarslan says:

    I don’t think that beginners would want to learn how to mask, they’d rather learn how to create shapes, how to color them or writing texts or something.

    You can’t insist new born babies to talk before walking right :)))))))

  3. Laura Coyle says:

    Certainly I never intended to make you feel stupid! But, I do care about people who are beginners to Illustrator – believe it or not, there are many out there who are relatively new to the software.

  4. Bawer Bozarslan says:

    You make people feel like stupid by telling such details as “click and drag it until it’s on the top or just simply arrange it by clicking on” BLA BLA BLAAA!!
    Why don’t you just tell us how to use clipping mask? Everybody knows how to use illustrator, what you’re doing is teaching the tips, not the whole software!!!

  5. usertubeification says:


  6. Laura Coyle says:

    Yes you can make a mask out of a shape you create with the Pen Tool. If you can fill the shape, it can work as a mask.

  7. FMH2011 says:

    Nice. But I have a question. if you were to make your own shape…..using either pen tool or the line tool and join the lines together….can u then use the clipping mask? I have been trying but it says no, and doesn’t tell me why.

  8. Laura Coyle says:

    Thanks Brigitte!

  9. Laura Coyle says:

    You’re so welcome Xavier – I’m glad it helped!

  10. Xavier Guillaume says:

    Holy moly! Thank you! I don’t have photoshop so I was trying to cut out an image of a car, and it wouldn’t let me, but your video made it possible. Thank you!

  11. Brigitte Lu says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  12. jt20042 says:

    Thanks! Will definitely check out the class on that site:)

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