Excel Advanced Tutorial 1 – Using Named Ranges in Formulas

Excel Advanced Tutorial 1 - Using Named Ranges in Formulas

Using Named Ranges within your formulas Website and Forum: http://yourprogrammingnetwork.co.uk.

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5 responses to “Excel Advanced Tutorial 1 – Using Named Ranges in Formulas”

  1. Ana Jovanovic says:

    I don’t know what I am doing wrong…it just doesn’t work for me, excel
    2010. I followed instructions as you said, named the cell ”pass mark” and
    wrote formula =IF(C6<=Pass_mark,''Fail'',''Pass''). ( The equal sign is put in case of equal number). please advise me.

  2. V Karthik says:

    Guys, everything is possible in excel!!
    After a long time i built a Monitor Power Saver application in Excel, So I
    thought I’d share some of my application through this site.


    Any feedback/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


  3. Anna Brook says:

    Great video and really helpful – To improve it would be good to have a
    clodeup of the formula bar as sometimes it is quite difficult tosee the
    formula you have just typed

  4. Prashanthi Anjuri says:

    Hello Matt

    Your tutorials are really helpful. I have a doubt here.. hope I am making
    some sense. If we are defining the named range by absolute referencing by
    giving $ signs, How does the referencing change dynamically when we move
    the passmark and value around to another cells.


  5. futurehipay says:

    but lesley is pretty clever so that does make sense haha

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