[HD] Smooth Skin and Sharpen: Photoshop Tutorial

[HD] Smooth Skin and Sharpen: Photoshop Tutorial

Soften and Smooth Skin! This is a huge thing when working with studio photography, models, or anyone really. Smoothing skin can really add a lot to an image, but if you do it the wrong way it really can look terrible. We will also look at selective sharpening by using a mask to limit the sharpened region. We will cover: Masking, Blending, Sharpening, and Cleaning up Skin Blemishes in this video! Be sure to check out www.tutvid.com Check out the blog @ http

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17 responses to “[HD] Smooth Skin and Sharpen: Photoshop Tutorial”

  1. ryujane says:

    very nice tutorial thnx ….

  2. Diego Trigueros says:

    9:55 and forward is the dirtiest talk I have heard in my life

  3. LexiRoseStudio says:

    It actually looks worse to me. The final looked like her face was starting to melt… I mean, yeah, it was a bit smoother, but it also seemed like her face was unnaturally lumpy and asymmetrical.

  4. GIBBIEsmalls6185 says:

    I just scrolled down and read that as he said it lol

  5. NiceIceEyez says:

    howd u do it on CS6?

  6. jeff51091 says:

    hahahaha there is no improvement.. LoL!!!

  7. rokocolero21 says:

    does this work for cmky , i see that you are working on rgb. how does print out?

  8. Photoshopisfun says:

    To all the haters – Note that this tut is from 2009. This technique is somewhat outdated by modern standards but it was probably THE MOST COMMON WAY in the industry to smooth skin at the time. So, give the dude a break.

    The main problem with these older blurring techniques is that they blow out pixels and don’t preserve skin texture. If you want a really NATURAL LOOK with AMAZING results, click my name and check out my skin softening tutorial. I’ve been in the industry for 10+ years.

  9. plajndek says:

    If you want to learn photoshop check this out ps-tutorials.comule.com 

  10. shithappens07 says:

    thanks this was helpful

  11. Fapple says:

    oooh his voice is so sexy ; ))

  12. TheGroovyBitches says:

    after you selected the skin you could have just done a surface blur…

  13. captfilk says:

    complete waste of time……….

  14. stubones says:

    Isnt it easier to just add a duplicate layer, add mask, then surface the blur the duplicated layer, then click on the mask and paint away blur from areas you want sharp, like eyes, lips and hair? Or is that just rubbish?

  15. TheGrimstalker says:

    if i had a dollar for every frame in this video, i would still be poor

  16. HackerTareeq says:

    i was here for the tut but now i have to cum shit 😀

  17. pdsixteen says:

    Nice video! Please check out our channel 10 sec please : ) IWe are currently making some tuts n torials in CS5, and it would help us very much if you like to watch our videos!

    sincerly -pdsixteen

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