Part 52 C# Tutorial Attributes in C#

Part 52   C# Tutorial   Attributes in C#

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16 responses to “Part 52 C# Tutorial Attributes in C#”

  1. ixiang sz says:

    Thank you!!

  2. Jinisha Vakharia says:

    Excellent explanation!!

  3. bkboggy says:

    Wow, I think I just found my favorite channel for C#. You have a clear way
    of explaining things. Just as an aside, you can pass any number of
    arguments into a parameter list with use of param keyword. i.e.: public
    static void Add(param int[] nums) { … } So, when calling the method, you
    can write Add(3, 4, 5, 6) without having to write it in a new List

  4. Amit Aggarwal says:

    Hi venkat ur videos are really great….. Nice work dude keep it up 🙂

  5. loveAnimals says:

    your tutorials are awesome! college was a waste of money, you do it better!

  6. Amit Aggarwal says:

    Hi Venkat I have already shared these links with my frends and few of my
    frends have replied what they think is some of the concepts they understood
    by seeing your videos. They never have had such a basic understanding of
    few concepts but after looking ur videos they have understood it very
    well… Keep up the good work

  7. TangoBravo says:

    Outstanding tutorial! Thank you very much!

  8. Parvez Mulla says:

    awesome .. gr8 going sir

  9. Madhukar Verma says:

    Very informative and simple. Simple is best!

  10. RK B says:

    Gr8 videos Venkat…I’ve gone through from Part 1 to 52 of C#. of your
    tutorial.and these are awesome with your to the point and clear concepts
    explanation method…Really Really Impressive…Way to Go… Moving fwd to
    rest of the parts :>)

  11. Sheldon Velazquez says:

    your tutorials are very informative

  12. Girish Sancheti says:

    superb 🙂

  13. Scias says:

    I like your videos, but it kind of sounds like you have a mic swinging back
    and forth ;P

  14. Nurlan Kerimov says:

    ThanxA_lot Mr. Venkat! I appreciate your extremely useful work!

  15. MusturdPanda says:

    Your tutorials are most professorial I’ve seen, great work, straight to the
    point. Any plans for anything outside of .Net? Java perhaps?

  16. Geobin80 says:

    This is the best method of trainning. Thank you Mr Venkat !

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