RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 12-A(particle rotation applications)

RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 12-A(particle rotation applications)

This tutorial explains how to use particle rotation to create rocket exhaust, bow-tie fireworks, and drifting smoke/wind effects.
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16 responses to “RCT3 FIREWORKS TUTORIAL 12-A(particle rotation applications)”

  1. baseball8610 says:

    Ok I know how to do everything up to 12 accept add glitter on the flares
    one. Can you like remake this on how you did it cuz when i i did it my
    exhaust wasnt all bunched up it was spread out like a spark trail

  2. davie499 says:

    @baseball8610 2 things will decrease the width of a tail; lower
    sphere/circle speed and higher particle drag setting.

  3. davie499 says:

    @59525354 I believe I have a section on multiple stage fireworks in my
    tutorials, look for that part there.

  4. Rimmer Kuperus says:

    Stupit question…. But i cant put them to work in for real? I mean….
    Cant get them into a fire box…. They all have red dots in them and they
    wont fire out of it :/ Tried all type of boxes yet no respond, Little help
    here please

  5. mnznm says:

    yeah i got an idea for tutorial.. kinda… tutorial for how to make smoke?

  6. davie499 says:

    @Dr3amCatch Make sure it is a firework mortar and not a water jet or laser
    dome. Click on firework in timeline then on any mortar.

  7. davie499 says:

    @progamerxt Use higher gravity. I have a tutorial on making willows…which
    will help.

  8. PyroCrazed says:

    Very helpful,I found it useful for changing the point of view on “ring”
    shells,keep up the good work

  9. progamerxt says:

    can u tell me how do make the stars and sparkle trail go down like an
    umbrella shape…

  10. Joseph Pacia says:

    hold on a sec… 2 Q’s… What type of particle did you use for the rocket
    to make it look like the tip(in particle basics)? What type of fire
    particle did you use for the exhaust(particle basics too)?

  11. rolfvdhulst says:

    for all those people out there: the angles he uses on emitter spin in this
    tut are NOT perfect. full 360 degrees is 6.28, so 90 degrees is 1.57 etc.

  12. davie499 says:

    5:20 of 12-B

  13. davie499 says:

    @puppylover569 particle stretch for the cone effect. as for the exhaust, I
    just used a hazy looking particle i think.

  14. FIN791998 says:

    Can you tell me how to make basic shell here i see all yours tutorials, but
    i dont know how this basic shell make

  15. winerts . says:

    Why is it that you explain things so weird and make it seem complicated.
    It’s not rocket science. Plz stop talking as if it was. Simple words, we r
    not in college. It’s a game, not a pro. software. I got photoshop and I
    learned it in about a week or less. something that people take classes on!
    This seems more complicated when you explain! ahhh i just needed to know
    how to make palm looking fireworks. What tutoral is it?

  16. Javier Campo says:

    can u tell me how to make a crossette

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