WordPress Custom Field Tutorial

WordPress Custom Field Tutorial

Full Blog Post: http://www.dereckarreguin.com/wordpress-how-to-use-custom-fields-2/ Using custom fields in wordpress can be confusing. However in this tutori…

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15 responses to “WordPress Custom Field Tutorial”

  1. Michael Graf says:

    And the blog post that this video is gone… went to look for contact form
    on Dereck’s site to make sure he knew it was gone… no where to be found.

  2. Aman Ashish says:

    not for beginners….

  3. Trish Mullen says:

    Thanks for this, great tutorial, easy to follow and just what I was looking

  4. Dereck Arreguin says:

    Good advice Phil. However, its really not that big of a deal. This is a
    simple task.

  5. Dereck Arreguin says:

    Hey K, There are a few common mistakes I’ve made when editing this code
    before. I’m not sure of your exact situation, but I’d suggest locating your
    functions.php file via your server and editing it. Here are common errors
    I’ve made or others have. 1.) They edited ThemName.Functions.php (wrong –
    only do functions.php) 2.) They pasted the code twice in the file 3.) They
    erased some of the important code Message me, this could be a unique
    situation. You should be able to gain access via FTP.

  6. Dennis Vera says:

    Thanks fir this very helpful tutorial.

  7. joseph taylor says:

    Hoping you could help me.. I (thought) i followed these instructions
    exactly but after pasting the code into my functions.php file all i can see
    instead of my site is: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected
    /home/basketba/public_html/wp-content/themes/NiceZone/functions.php on line
    40 Thought about trying to re upload the theme via FTP but i cant seem to
    access the files that way either, Any help would be much appreciated as i’m
    totally stuck!

  8. Bryan Crawford says:

    Dereck, Hello just wanted to say thanks for the valuable info. I would like
    to recommend you take a little time on your website and correct all the
    spelling errors. There are quite a few on your website and they make you
    look un-professional, even when you give solid advice!

  9. Moe Smith says:

    supports’ => array( ‘title’, ‘editor’, ‘thumbnail’, ‘custom-fields’),

  10. Colleen Crafton says:

    I am very green to wordpress so unfortunately I did something wrong trying
    to follow your instructions. I am not blaming you, just hoping you can tell
    me what I did wrong. It makes me nervous because it has the word “Fatal” in
    it 🙁 I posted the error below. CC Fatal error: Cannot redeclare
    field_func() (previously declared in
    in /home/colleenc/public_html/wp-content/themes/theme1409/functions.php on
    line 114

  11. Manie Amari says:

    Great tutorial. Thanks a lot. I’ve been struggling to workout how to use
    Genki YouTube Comments plugin as I couldn’t find the custom fields section.
    Thanks again.

  12. Phil Cross says:

    You best be making backups of these files before changing them in the
    dashboard! Better yet, take the time to create a child theme and only mess
    with the files you need to. That way, if you screw up, you can always
    revert to the original theme and everything will go back to the way it was
    before you started messing around.

  13. smithbroscrane says:

    Good tutorial. Good examples. Thank you.

  14. thokkness says:

    how do i add a custom field to a custom post type?

  15. John Geyer says:

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    wordpress can be a big hassle and most marketers get it wrong. So I decided
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