HTML Tutorial 2 – Colours, Fonts, Backgrounds Website Design

HTML Tutorial 2 - Colours, Fonts, Backgrounds Website Design

In this HTML website design tutorial I will teach you how to change background and text colours/colors with microsoft notepad. Difficulty Level: Easy/Beginner If you have any problems or need help with any of this tutorial please leave a comment below or message me on YouTube.

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14 responses to “HTML Tutorial 2 – Colours, Fonts, Backgrounds Website Design”

  1. kurapika0012 says:

    thnks 🙂

  2. Chandra Satish says:

    can any one of you guys suggest me a good book for html website design!!
    Thanks in advance…..

  3. 50Shashwat says:

    How could i restrict text to one side of the website
    also, if i had used left pane of the page then how to write on right side of page?

  4. GeekGames73 says:

    how do you add effects (bold, underline, etc.) to the text? Like so he can see!

  5. MegaCrack5 says:

    Apache Google it

  6. EmeeLikesBubbles says:

    True, true, but the free domains are good practice.

  7. EagleGamerBH says:

    Yeah but unless you want one for business or some kind of a company then you need to look professional..

  8. EmeeLikesBubbles says:

    You don’t have to buy one. There are plenty of free ones

  9. EagleGamerBH says:

    You must buy a domain first..

  10. supershotpro says:

    so, is qicker wat a *quicker way* to type quicker way?

  11. supershotpro says:

    He already has a video on that (# 6)

  12. liquidburningHD says:

    lol u fail he said u can save with ctrl+s @ 1:51

  13. WSOReview101 says:

    thanks dude

  14. gaara2910 says:

    He probably knows, but he’s just doing it so that there’s no confusion for the viewer.

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