Skin Smoothing with Lightroom 3

Skin Smoothing with Lightroom 3

Learn how to use Lightroom to smooth skin, then enhance it further and tweak the eyes and the lips to create that model skin finish! Learn how to use the Adjustment Brush Learn how to use Clarity to smooth skin

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12 responses to “Skin Smoothing with Lightroom 3”

  1. Psmeg says:

    Hi, it’s still available in LR4, simply select the brush tool from the Develop Module (D on the keyboard) and if you look at the palette that appears below the brush you’ll see the word Effect: To the right of it it will have something like ‘Custom’ or another preset listed, simply click the word and that will expand a full drop down list of predefined settings. Skin Smoothing is towards the bottom.

    I hope that helps :0)

  2. BBONK95 says:

    I have lightroom 4, and i cant find the drop down menu to click soften skin can anyone help me?

  3. sunshinebaby39 says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  4. kshib7 says:

    thanks so much, more pls!

  5. PhuNguyen88 says:

    can you show us how to blend colors in lightroom 3 like PTS ?

  6. chrisongtj86 says:

    Really helpful, thanks

  7. truchb28 says:

    Very good, helpful video. Thank you.

  8. lleange says:

    when i stride the brush the hightlight is grey.. i only got to see th result after i press done.. please help

  9. Psmeg says:

    My pleasure :0)

  10. GinaElliottProulx says:

    Thank you! This was very helpful..

  11. Psmeg says:

    Nice tip, I’ll check it out later :0)

  12. otristram says:

    When your using brushes, press O on the keyboard and the mask shows all the time 🙂 i know it works on mac so it should work in pc 🙂

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