Basic Cloning In After Effects Tutorial

Basic Cloning In After Effects Tutorial

I forgot……..USE A TRIPOD!! Subscribe to my tutorials channel!!

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22 responses to “Basic Cloning In After Effects Tutorial”

  1. Aurko Sarkar says:

    tnx for this tut..

  2. Irfan Sevket says:

    Thanks mate! You help me a lot. And I made too.
    Please watch my first video:
    Adobe After effects: human cloning

  3. FreexGaming HDTV says:
  4. aidanproductoins4 says:

    Waste of time. Didn’t work at all.

  5. Robi Sigiar says:

    good job

  6. Chris Wells says:

    thanks I am going to make a fan trailer for battlestar galactica with this

  7. TorjeTv says:

    Thank you!

  8. kritik kumar says:

    thanks dude made a video from
    your vid please check it out

  9. rahul kumar says:


  10. TheNewWierdo says:

    I want a tutorial that shows exactly from start to finish… including when
    you ADD the files in to after effects. This always bothers me.

  11. Adriana Saravitta says:

    Best cloning tutorial! thank youuu!

  12. Titus Sahn says:

    The best tutorials ever mann.. very impressive.. clear and easy

  13. ALLiNeeDsISmeKnife says:

    @ALLiNeeDsISmeKnife one thing after i mask it doesnt go to the next frame
    all around it , it turns black

  14. Sharif Qulatein Mudhir says:

    good teacher thak you so much

  15. Simon Harnois says:

    Pro Video really good just that video of cloning in after effects that

  16. PilotCube says:

    @Wayeth17 Yes you can. Absolutely. Remember to keep the phone still (!!!
    very important!) in some way (like a videocamera on a tripod), so that
    everything get’s perfect. Send me a PM of your video when you’ve tried it
    out! =)

  17. Marshyangdi Travel says:

    Hello, do you know “Photo SFXart Tricks” (do a Google search for it)? On
    their website you will find a smart free video demonstrating the right way
    to make brilliant photos. It made it easier for Matt to make pictures which
    leave you with that wow-effect any time you take a look at them. Perhaps it
    will help you as well.

  18. MrTechy1 says:

    3 people did not have a clone to help them 🙁

  19. Final Fox says:

    its less complicated then the other one……this one is so simple thx dude

  20. Justin Lam says:

    How do I post my after effect projects to YouTube?

  21. jovin Mendes says:


  22. Carson Wiebe says:

    @megafakeemail check to make sure you have your three video layers
    “stacked” in the right order, meaning make sure the video file that you use
    for the entire background is on the bottom and the other two videos are
    above the background file

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