XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 29 – div

XHTML and CSS Tutorial - 29 - div

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13 responses to “XHTML and CSS Tutorial – 29 – div”

  1. KingTrawal says:

    Bucky is da shit! 

  2. rpgmaster947 says:

    Long for d hahah :P

  3. 46Bax says:

    whats the difference with this and span ?
    seems the same to me

  4. Lina Amjad says:

    whats the difference between “div”&”border”??

  5. Valkaron Valceon says:

    Pffftt, 3 weeks old? Noob, I knew all that stuff when I was 12 days old!

  6. Joher Ceno says:

    You just described the comment section in 2 lines…

  7. dhrubojyoti das says:

    really helpful

  8. Banibal Koriya says:

    Hi Bucky Im just wondering one thing, you mention in this tutorial that
    tables are useless and that we never should use tables. But why did you
    learn us so much about tables and about how to style them and so on??
    Please answer. And i just want to say that you have the best Tutorials on
    youtube! so much good stuff, im starting to learning to develop websites.
    Before i have learned java through your tutorials. Thanks! thumbs up so he
    can see this!

  9. Tim Vermeulen says:

    1:53 That’s what she said.

  10. Mark Jason Soriano says:

    you didn’t write position:absolute

  11. Krishna Sarswat says:

    @leoqaz003 Try Doing “margin-top:35px;” & margin-top:40px; (Without ” “).

  12. cr4zyd4n666 says:

    HELP NEEDED: I am trying to make a fixed header bar (like the one Facebook
    uses) so that when users scroll down the page, the header remains in place
    at the top and the content passes underneath it. However, when I scroll
    down the page, the content goes OVER my header instead of UNDER!! How can I
    make the header on the top layer? All I’m using to create my header are div
    tags with an id, and in the id it has my positioning specifications. Please
    reply or inbox me!!

  13. leoqaz003 says:

    top:40px; left:35px; It won’t work? whats the problem

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