c# Unity3D – 2D Tutorial Series: 01

c# Unity3D - 2D Tutorial Series: 01

What’s up guys!? It’s Jon here, also known as SubZeroGaming with a new fresh tutorial series that will get you comfortable with the new 2D engine. We’ll be w…
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14 responses to “c# Unity3D – 2D Tutorial Series: 01”

  1. eBro Vids says:

    Best unity tutorial I’ve ever seen.

  2. AdvantageAsianDude says:

    thank you thank you thank you, i cant thank you enough for your tutorials.
    i was watching the ‘clony bird 2d game tutorial’ but got lost when they
    started coding in c#. glad youre here to save the day! Unity is godsent to
    aspiring game developers. Hopefully now i can really start my own Android
    game. i previously planned making it using flash since i already knew how
    to use it but im glad unity now has 2d game development mode. hope you will
    never stop making tutorials! 

  3. N30N says:

    your videos are too long 🙁 i need to do this for a project and i cant find
    the right spot in the video that i need

  4. George Arida says:

    thank you, thank you, thank you, your tutorial is super super amazing ….i
    really needed it , i was trying to learn unity 2d and all i found is fogy
    tutorials ,…..but yours is very clear thank you so much

  5. BobbySoFamous says:

    Really good video. It’s so easy to create animations in Unity

  6. IGGames says:

    I Want to Make a Platformer Game in 2D so when I put Rigidbody2d it Just
    not Working and Going Everywhere??

  7. ala slipknot says:

    welcome back 😀 !!

  8. Crunchy SpielenMitSpaß says:

    Love the tutorial! Thanks a lot! 

  9. Misha Kory says:

    good job man. i am follwoing your tutorials they explain best on youtube,
    even though i notice that you coding style/logic of development is
    different from other tutorials. When i master unity we should make a game
    or few:)

  10. digitalsketchguy says:

    Nice tut Jonathan. Any reason to choose C# over Unityscript for basic 2D
    interactive edutainment apps / games?

  11. DukensteinA1 says:

    Great tutorial. Thanks for making it!

  12. Jonathan Weinberger says:

    New 2D tutorial series!! :)

  13. Doom Lead says:

    just started your video series and i would like to know if at any point and
    time you cover 2d melee combat
    , cause I want to make a game like kung fu master or street fighter and am
    having trouble figuring out how to do melee collisions, and damage

  14. BeV VoO says:

    love you

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