Clipping Mask Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS4

Clipping Mask Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS4

Learn how to interlace your custom shapes. Especially attractive when working with 3d perspective objects and shapes. We use clip masking to achieve the effe…
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18 responses to “Clipping Mask Tutorial for Adobe Illustrator CS4”

  1. Jost Nottelin says:

    Great tutorial thanks!

  2. Cinnamedian says:

    u rule!

  3. Turbo Jesus says:

    Thanks for the video tutorial very cool 😀

  4. TheSandCarver says:

    Great vid thanks

  5. Edward Roussou says:

    To interlace, there is a better method. See “vektorgarten”. ‘How to make a
    ring’, I like your way of doing this. New to me. Good tutorial!

  6. Ondraasha says:


  7. Trains Unlimited !!! says:

    Great Tutorial…. I’ll try it today only 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  8. gabriele mezzatesta says:

    @HomeDjPinky you suk at spelling

  9. 2enchant says:


  10. hapsap says:

    instead of ctrl+v you might want to use ctrl+F to paste it on the same
    spot. Took me some while to find that out xD Nice vid anyhow

  11. Mark Garrett says:

    Thanks I’m watching later

  12. eimotioncool says:

    when i saw peoples say its great tutorial,,, i dont need to wait
    buffering.. but i straight download it ..thanks.. i believe it..

  13. Max Whittle says:

    so much effort <.<

  14. L.A.J. Schutter says:

    this is not a easy way while chance to 3D rotate your objects later
    seperately from each other

  15. rheyolacrayola says:

    does anyone know where to download adobe illustrator cs4 for free?

  16. TheOnemandigitaljam says:

    im trying 2 do a shadow that runs off the edge of an object i want all the
    edges blured except 4 the edge that runs off the table but i am having
    trouble with masking

  17. M0man says:

    3D objects in illustrator won’t interact.

  18. Gnuyk Guah says:

    thnks! I’ll be using this program for class so now I know what I’m up too

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