HTML5 Tutorial For Beginners – 6 of 6 – CSS Page Layout

HTML5 Tutorial For Beginners - 6 of 6 - CSS Page Layout This tutorial will use CSS to style and control the layout for the HTML5 code that was developed in the previous video. This tuto…

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25 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial For Beginners – 6 of 6 – CSS Page Layout”

  1. Notorious Canadian says:

    How do you line up the aside bar to go the full lenght of the articles?
    Please HELP!

  2. Boniface Odijie says:

    Great! A good tutor always make a problem looks easier. Bravo!

  3. dizzy stax says:

    i have been on youtube since i was maybe 12 years old….watch thousands of
    videos, never watched any video so detailed and easy explained in only a
    matter of minutes… i don’t know how to thank you but thank you for taking
    the time and effort!

  4. CristianKirk says:

    …and not a single

    tag was used. Thanks a lot!
  5. Bishop Toci says:

    How do you make the page the starts with @charset interact with the first
    page with all of the info. Do i need to watch a separate video for CSS to

  6. Ken Cage says:

    Hi, Pls, Have

  7. SkeeterZ71 - Web & Graphic Design Tutorials says:

    Just curious how you determine whether or not to use a class instead of an
    id as you mentioned about the header element. Typically, I use a unique id
    for unique elements and would separate the various header elements by id
    and only assign a class if I needed the same styling on multiple elements
    on a page. But if one header is going to be different from another header,
    it would seem to me that using an id would be the way to go. My 2 cents.

    Really enjoyed the last 3 videos in this series.

  8. Anuj Agrawal says:

    Thanks for this wonderful series. Precise and fluid presentation. 

  9. James Harrington says:

    Loved these tutorials! Best I’ve seen on here.

  10. Shanghaiboyful says:

    Simply awesome! Straight and clear, thanks mate. Keep up the good work.

  11. Hari Metkari says:

    good content of the video

  12. MetaHerobrine 12 says:

    I can’t get any css to work. I don’t have a clue what I’m doing. PLEASE

  13. Alan Roberts says:

    Man, your tutorials rock. I’m learning this in college but it’s confusing,
    but after watching these tutorials it’s making so much more sense.

  14. raghavendra m.v says:

    Thank you so much. I learned a lot about html 5 by watching your tutorial
    series. now i am about to watch the css series. As usual, in a very nice
    and easy to understand way you teach us. Thank you teacher. can you please
    tell me which screencast software you use. how do you create animated
    annotations and zoom with it? Thank you once again.

  15. PeanutGamerGuy says:

    Thanks for such a good series.

  16. kjemradio says:

    Great tutorial. I would take this site to the next level by using CSS3
    with the HTML5 code. That gives you the abilities to add drop shadowing,
    rounded corners, and many other cool advanced features. Also adding the
    code for mobile devices would be a nice touch to make the site more
    modern. :-)

  17. Thom van Damme says:

    golden tutorial voice!

  18. Yunbo Mao says:

    simple, clear, straight to the point, great tutorial

  19. Dee Day says:

    God Bless your work!

  20. kalina edwards says:

    Hey thanks so much for this tutorial.
    I am becoming a self-taught Web Designer, and this tutorial was definitely
    a great lesson.
    All of your tutorials are great. Keep up the Good Work!!!

  21. Razvan Sintimbrean says:

    Many thanks for this series. I’m really glad that from all the results
    Youtube generated, regarding HTML tutorials for beginners, I chose yours.

  22. Grant .Trevor says:

    you are a master instructor. Thanks

  23. whoopskaboom says:

    Thanks for such a great intro! Now onto your CSS series! :)

  24. Ralphunreal says:

    When you put padding and margin 0 for html,body,h1,etc can’t you just do *{
    margin:0 padding:0}?

  25. Orabe Almanaseer says:

    Thanks, it’s really helpful

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