Selenium – For Beginners Configure Step by Step in Visual Studio in C#

Selenium - For Beginners Configure Step by Step in Visual Studio in C#

Longer video end to end and step by step video of setting up Selenium and interacting with Visual Studio using C# and .NET for the test cases. Download Code …
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16 responses to “Selenium – For Beginners Configure Step by Step in Visual Studio in C#”

  1. K- DOG says:

    i need help writing my c# progam for the following program. can you show me
    how to do it?

    he time taken for an object to fall to the earth from a given height can be
    calculated using the following formula.

    t = Sqrt(2d / g)

    In this equation t is time it takes to fall in seconds, d is the distance
    fallen in meters, and g is the acceleration due to Earth’s gravity which is
    9.8 meters per second squared.

    Write a C# app that contains a method named TimeToFall. TimeToFall should
    accept 1 input parameter. This parameter should be a double that
    represents the distance above the earth. The method should calculate the
    time it takes to reach the earth after falling the given distance. The
    method’s return value is the time which should be represented using the
    double datatype.

    Demonstrate the TimeToFall method by calling it from within a loop using
    the following values: 1000 m (1 km), 2000 m, 3000 m, 4000 m, and 5,000 m
    (5 km). This means your loop should iterate 5 times. 4,000 m is a typical
    altitude used for skydiving. Note that this calculation ignores wind
    resistance which would cause the free-fall time to be longer.

    Hint: Here is what your computation might look like in C#:

    double time = Math.Sqrt(2*distance/9.8);

  2. djentlover says:

    I have all the same references as you do, still getting the error “The type
    or namespace name ‘Selenium (also ISelenium/DefaultSelenium)’ could not be
    found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)”. I
    have done everything like you did here, only difference is newer versions
    of nUnit and SeleniumServer. What could be the cause of this?

  3. syed nadeem says:

    Video players like flash player, html5 player etc and the functionality to
    test will be like play/pause, buffer icon, scroll bar, window size etc

  4. Del Dalton says:

    Thank you for putting together this introduction video.

    I’m running into a slight issue, when trying to rebuild the project. I
    receive an error stating that “Program
    ‘C:UsersDocumentsVisual Studio
    2013ProjectsProject1Project1objDebugProject1.exe’ CSC does not
    contain a static ‘Main’ method suitable for an entry point”.

    Additionally, when I try to open the project in NUnit I receive another
    error suggesting that I’m trying to load a 64bit assembly into a 32bit

    I’m completely new to this. What does this mean?

    P.S. I’m running VS Express Desktop 2013.

  5. syed nadeem says:

    Can we test video players using selenium ?

  6. Himanshu Soni says:

    Thank you so much this is really very helpful video

  7. Priya K says:

    Hi – Thank you for the Nice Video. I was able to follow everything but I
    got an error when I build the project.

    I opened VS2012->New Project -> c# –> Windows–>Empty Project.

    Is that right or do I have to select Web instead of Windows?

    I am getting the below Error. Do you know how to fix this>

    Error 1 Program ‘c:UsersPriyaAppDataLocalTemporary
    ProjectsSeleniumTestingobjDebugSeleniumTesting.exe’ does not contain a
    static ‘Main’ method suitable for an entry point
    C:UsersPriyaAppDataLocalTemporary ProjectsSeleniumTestingCSC

  8. Miguel Angel says:

    Hey CodeCowboyOrg, great video tutorial man. One remark: At 11:58, you
    mentioned that you created Empty Projects in VS. But I tried that option
    and didn’t work out. VS kept asking me to add a Main. So I read somewhere
    and I tried creating a Class Library (C# -> Windows -> Class Library) and
    that worked out.

    One question here… do you have any video where you explain PageObjects
    pattern with Selenium and C#? That’d be a very interesting one to watch.
    Thanks a lot!

  9. Mannu Batra says:

    Thanks a lot. Another question I had on this. So i copied all the c# dll’s
    and nunit dll’s in the references of my project but when i run the nunit
    console and open the project as you mentioned to click on the dll named
    after the project name, i do not see the project named dll. So i cannot
    run the test. Am I doing some wrong

  10. Caltex Khaw says:

    Hi may i know the kill server cmd command line?

  11. Brian Wheeler says:

    Thanks for the intro to Selenium. I was wondering if I could skip using
    nUnit and use Visual Studio’s unit test project. Looks like all I would
    have to do is use VS’s test attributes in the generated C# code instead of
    nUnit’s. This way I could just launch the tests from within VS.

  12. Mannu Batra says:

    I had a question. I can do all this with selenium IDE then why do I need
    to go thru all this

  13. neelima sriram says:

    Hello, Thank you for uploading, it is very informative session. Got a quick
    question, I am trying to download Visual studio and just wondering if i
    need full package of VS 2012 and Is it professional/express.
    Regards, Neelima

  14. Michael Lim says:

    Awesome Job ! Thank you … that is what I have been looking for.

  15. Maksym Ivanov says:

    Thank you!

  16. Adamu Nda says:

    hey! i tried the tutorial but i had a problem running the server. it says
    “java” is not a recognized as an internal command… help?

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