iMovie Tutorial: How to Speed Up Video Clips

iMovie Tutorial: How to Speed Up Video Clips

In this iMovie 09 Tutorial, you will learn how to speed up your videos and give yourself the “chipmunk” voice. Have fun! Twitter:
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18 responses to “iMovie Tutorial: How to Speed Up Video Clips”

  1. Lupis Wolf says:

    it works

  2. Dylan Vieler says:

    split clip isnt accesible with or without the box

  3. Paige Kadar says:

    Thanks! i really learned what i need to do

  4. XxHyperRushxX MC says:

    Um….. What do you use to record??

  5. drjulian8 says:

    Can u do 1 on the latest iMovie pls

  6. drjulian8 says:

    Do you know how to speed up. PART Of a clip?

  7. Ohz Xenon says:

    How do you just select one clip and do what did to split the beginning of
    the clip?

  8. D.I.Y. Diva says:

    Thanks! Really helpful

  9. FunnySunny Bear says:

    yea how do u do it on a iPad?

  10. WickedShadows79 says:


  11. jcostaman says:

    Ummm I’m not sure. Do you have iMovie ’09?

  12. Colorison says:


  13. Hipster Madara says:

    mine says analyze whole video whats that?

  14. jcostaman says:

    You need to have iMovie ’09

  15. kandy reed says:

    thanks it helped…..

  16. Thomas Milder says:


  17. AmericanAussie12 says:

    thanks so much! i wanted to know how to change your voice

  18. Dancccer2150 says:

    it doesn’t work *cry*

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