Learn CSS in 12 Minutes

Learn CSS in 12 Minutes

I introduce CSS, explain how to link a CSS file with an HTML document and teach the syntax of the language along with the most common properties. ———–…

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23 responses to “Learn CSS in 12 Minutes”

  1. Ashleigh Carolan says:

    Hi, I’m doing this on mac and having a bit of difficulty, I think the codes
    are different for textedit so I was wondering if you could tell me the
    differences between coding in text edit and coding in notepad.

  2. Louie Murillo says:

    Thank you soo much Jake! Because of you, I now know how to design my very
    own site. I’d would love to hear more about java script. Thank you again!!

    -Louie M

  3. Matt Wesolowski says:

    One of the most simple, informative, and to the point videos on Youtube.
    Hands down.

  4. Derek Brown says:

    Quick, precise, very clear, and very informative. You are a very efficient
    but great teacher. Excellent, excellent work.

  5. mohsen noor says:

    hi in 1:59 how did u open notepad++ instead of google chrome
    because default program was chrome but when u open it , it opened with

  6. bayridgeguy2323 says:

    Thank you so much Jake. I watched the two HTML videos and can’t believe I
    learned that much in just 24 minutes. This CSS video has terrific content,
    organization, and recap, but at many points, you’re going just way too
    fast. The pace from 9:55 to the end, along with the HTML videos is
    excellent. It seems like you rushed much of the first 10 minutes to get
    this into 12 minutes, but I need to watch this 3 times to follow because
    it’s too fast.

    I think the speed is good if discussing with someone who already
    understands the content. When learning new concepts, most people need that
    2 seconds to digest each minor concept or reasoning for a line/command;
    there was no time to digest on much of this video. Like at 8:15 when you
    show font weight bold, I see the entry for a cool 1/4 of a second. Aside
    from the long paragraph, I’d like to see you type everything out; it gives
    us a chance to digest and a chance to experience the real flow of writing
    these programs.

    You have a tremendous ability to explain things, and if you make more
    videos, I hope you master the pacing. Just a bit slower man.

  7. LOLZ123499 says:

    hey man I have lil’ question is it ok if I do it in British English. like
    centre instead of center. cos I grew up learning the british style…

  8. Ithelegoman says:

    How to you edit the thing where you make it so that you can make it so that
    the html and css files are connected when you already typed both files?

  9. kelvin smith says:

    I hate my self the more each time I realize how much BAD I’m doing in my
    computer programs pls I need help
    do I need to learn any other program before jumping into css and html
    because the more I try to do this the more confused I become.
    please if yes wich program do I av to start with?

  10. Mohamed Taher says:

    Super CSS Class

  11. Kari Darnell says:

    I noticed that when you made the text doc called style.css , the icon
    changed. it doesnt do that for me. Also (maybe because of that) css doesnt
    work for me.I think im using a windows 7 vista. plz help.

  12. lon canaan says:

    Great job Jake!
    you may made some of the traditional teachers angry, who paid by hours, lol

  13. Jordan Thompson says:

    You just earned a subscriber! Very informative information. Easy to follow.
    I always had a hard time with Div, ID, and Classes. Threw me off. Thanks!!

  14. Dylan Lee Blanchard says:

    Very well spoken, good video

  15. Ankit Bhandari says:

    thank you so much for this informative video, thumbs up

  16. Franky Tse says:

    can someone help me with making a website pls, i need some advice of a good
    web developper greetz!

  17. Majesty love Jones says:

    You’re the best man! Thank you!

  18. ngo ugo says:

    going fast as shit boy
    cant thank you enough for explaining shit correct though

  19. MrSpeedyD3 says:

    How do I find file paths on a MAC? 

  20. Jeevandyuti debnath says:

    I have watched this video more than 5 times. I request you to make more CSS
    video tutorials for us..

  21. Gruber008 says:

    If you have problems “painting” header just move it upwards below :)

  22. zombiezombie1977 says:

    fantastic video 🙂 thanx :))

  23. Alan Mann says:

    Excellent introduction tutorials, thank you.

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