Photoshop Tutorial : Dispersion Effect with Splash Brushes

Photoshop Tutorial : Dispersion Effect with Splash Brushes

In this Adobe Photoshop tutorial, I show how to create a dispersion effect with some custom brushes created from splashed paint that is then scanned. Using m…
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11 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial : Dispersion Effect with Splash Brushes”

  1. davandstudios says:

    You might want to try some English tutorials. 

  2. Recode Music says:

    How can i resize the layer ???? Which and where ?

  3. HeyloBoyd says:

    thx !!! <3

  4. saba khan says:

    WOW! 🙂 :*

  5. Ruby srivastava says:

    guys please checkout this link too .. interesting way to create an AVATAR look …

    RK photomagic trix

  6. Burak Akkas says:

    thanks bro .

  7. pswijeratne says:


  8. David Galindo says:

    I didnt knew it was a how to cut of the background of an image tutorial….

  9. Iftak Nayeem says:

    man I used to be a pro king at photoshop when I was a kid no lies!

  10. George Fernández M. says:

    EXCELLENT .. VERY EASY .. THANKS..amigo from costa rica..pura vida.!!!

  11. E Carnegie says:

    Appreciate it …you gave the best and easiest tutorial to comprehend in regards to dispersion thank you!

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