Tutorial: Onyx Trees & Vegetation in 3ds Max

Tutorial: Onyx Trees & Vegetation in 3ds Max

View the entire 1-hour video for free at ** http://www.thecgschool.com/free-members/ **. This video tutorial, Brian Smith (3DAS) demonstrates the use of Gras…

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3 responses to “Tutorial: Onyx Trees & Vegetation in 3ds Max”

  1. Daniel Figueroa says:

    Sorry … I downloaded Onyx Trees, well … the thing is that in your
    tutorial, when opening onyxgrass in Grass cover parameters: —- grass
    cover form … I see that tutorial you have 5 options, one of them is to
    import an OBJ file. my version does not bring the option to import OBJ.
    -could help! …. thanks.

  2. Daniel Figueroa says:

    Disculpa… He descargado Onyx Trees, bueno…la cosa es que en tu
    tutorial, al momento de abrir onyxgrass, en Grass cover
    parameters:—-grass cover form…veo que en tĂș tutorial tienes 5 opciones,
    una de ellas es importar un archivo OBJ. mi version, no trae la opcion de
    importar OBJ. -podrias ayudarme!!!….gracias.

  3. jamaluddinjamal says:

    please tell me how can i texture onyx tree in 3d max….

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