5 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)

5 - Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)

Introduction to HTML – 2 In this video we’ll work in Dreamweaver CS6’s code view and introduce what Structural Tags are and how they are used to organize con…

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21 responses to “5 – Introduction to Dreamweaver Tutorial (CS6)”

  1. Ahmed Reconer says:

    you are the best teacher for explain how the DreamWaver work
    actually i had no idea how the webpage works but after what i look i really
    that is easy things >> thnx a lot<< 

  2. Lorena Posadas says:

    You are an EXCELLENT teacher. I am so glad I found your videos. I am
    enjoying so much learning from you. The way you explain is so clear, and
    enjoyable, there is no way to get lost. I bought a book to learn Dreamwever
    CS6 God the writer is so confusing, i was about to quit, when i got lucky
    and found your videos. Thank you so much for your amazing work I really
    appreciate you toke the time to teach us. Wish you the best. You Rock!!!

  3. Fahrul Djuhaeri says:

    I want to learn DreamWeaver CS6 not HTML

  4. McRee Real Estate And Construction Management Services says:

    Really Good, Thank You!!!

  5. Bryan Lee says:

    you saved my life ! Have been troubling over this module but you save me
    from all the worries ! thank you !!

  6. Langelihle Mnguni says:

    Amazing teacher and very clear cut! All the time spent in class but never
    realizing the simplicity of it. Wonderful 

  7. timothy shen says:

    Just a quick question do you have tutorial for HTML5 and CSS3

  8. Liam says:

    awesome video 

  9. doctrui says:

    Very useful, very easy (and pleasurable) to follow, and very well
    explained. Thank you very much, sir!

  10. R Guled says:

    Thank you very much

  11. anabannaish says:

    really useful thank you!

  12. Vee Willis says:

    Nice video. Very easy to follow. Great information, Thanks so much for

  13. Assiah Gaming says:

    Just started, very usefull. u got +1 sub sir.

  14. Mac geek says:

    This helped me alot thx

  15. RiowTigerHatake says:

    When you make a

    canyou name it like this < div id="title001"> OR JUST
  16. usernumberisincode4 says:

    Amazingly useful video! Great work!

  17. Annoy Mus says:

    Very helpful! Thank you so much

  18. Ted Ndinya says:

    I have no idea how you are doing it but you are unbelievably easy to
    follow!!!! I have tried understanding other tutorials and there was non
    that was anything like this. I can’t stop watching your videos, its like
    watching “Prison break” episodes on Netflix lol. Good job man and God bless
    you :-)

  19. Sigrid Selzer says:

    excellent, very,very well explained. Thank you!

  20. aliya awan says:

    this is so easy i am getting all your stuff . this is really good.

  21. Isa Mar says:

    I simply love this guy. Most professional tutorials. 

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