Photoshop Tutorial – Beginners Guide to Colouring Line art

Photoshop Tutorial - Beginners Guide to Colouring Line art

A comprehensive tutorial on how I colour my artwork. Great for beginners looking for an insight on digital painting in a comic book style or adding colour to…
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17 responses to “Photoshop Tutorial – Beginners Guide to Colouring Line art”

  1. Ali Naqi says:

    Awesome tutorial man! Thanks a lot. Could you post a tutorial on geometric
    art in Photoshop, please? 

  2. voodoodle says:

    A really clear and well explained tutorial. A massive help and I learnt
    some great tips. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge and time.

  3. Arief Asyraf says:

    awesome man! Thanks!

  4. David Riley says:

    Thank you so much for this It helped me learn a lot. I use to do pencil
    drawings, but now I may start to color them. Thank you again Terry.

  5. Di-Dorval says:

    ahah love the accent

    Its also a great tutorial for beginners!

  6. Mieke Creutzburg says:

    Nice job!

  7. David Pearson says:

    Good tutorial. Cant help but wonder if your related to Wetas Warren Mahy.
    Did concept workshop in wellington with him and Paul Tobin.

  8. Valeria Munoz says:

    When I first saw this tutorial, i thought it was too long and boring
    because you did a lot of talking and because i wanted something to go
    straight to the point. I tried coloring and it went down terrible, but you
    know, i didnt pay much attention and i didnt have time. This is my second
    time watching the tutorial and coloring and i have to say the drawing
    turned out AMAZING!!! Like maybe not professional because i dont draw, but
    I took someone elses sketch and colored it and i am truly amazed! THANK YOU
    FOR DOING THIS TUTORIAL! YOURE THE BEST! ive seen other videos and not one
    has helped me as yours did

  9. Luke Axworthy says:

    Amazing video and drawing! Thank you.

  10. Matheus Oliveira says:

    But what about the countours? Is there a tool that automatically recognizes
    the edges of the image or I must contour it manually? It’s impossible,
    dude. I see some comic art line-up and it is so precise. Mind blowing.

  11. Ben Ward says:

    Really great tutorial. Just what I was looking for!

  12. Than Empire says:

    aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! This is very informative!..
    Thanks for the vid!

  13. Raymond St Paul says:

    A helpful tutorial am new to Adobe Photoshop CS6 Extended being a beginner
    to art stuff I’m still rather limited in my abilities. This tutorial makes
    the learning of software much easier. 

  14. Terry Mahy says:

    No worries, glad it helped 🙂

  15. Zakk Shell says:

    Thanks so much for this! Been trying this on my own forever with crap
    results! Awesome work and real easy to understand!

  16. mafiosen says:

    Very nice, thank you for sharing your methods!

  17. Terry Mahy says:

    Thanks 🙂

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