SpongeBob Adobe Illustrator Inking Tutorial #3 Brushes

SpongeBob Adobe Illustrator Inking Tutorial #3 Brushes

Download my custom template (which includes all my custom brushes) at cartoonsnap.com Step by Step Tutorial shows how I drew, inked and painted the new SpongeBob cover for NICK Magazine. Adobe Illustrator freehand brush tool. You’ll need a pressure-sensitive tablet like a Wacom Bamboo or Intuos to get the thick and thin line variation. Hope that helps! –sherm

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16 responses to “SpongeBob Adobe Illustrator Inking Tutorial #3 Brushes”

  1. Jackson Tallman says:

    i can make it, the preasure thing, im usung bamboo

  2. Scamatoon says:

    Dude, you’re my hero!
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  3. CartoonSNAP says:

    You’re very welcome! I had those same frustrations when I started trying to work with Illustrator, so YOU’RE exactly the sort of person I made these tutorials for 🙂

  4. HolaMay2008 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for sharing! You rock!!! I was getting so frustrated finding only pen tool tutorials. I knew there had to be an easier & more intuitive way! Now I can get to work. And sharing your favorite settings is so helpful!!! THANK YOU!!!!

  5. danny76363 says:

    Where can i find the “inking brush medium”?

  6. xoRosettaox says:

    Thank you SO MUCH for your tutorials! I’ve always struggled with line art. I do have a question. What settings would you recommend for a sharp brush – for sharp, pointy lines? I keep ending up with rounded-off edges when I want a sharp end.

  7. smokew33d4life420xxx says:

    can you use these templates for illustrator cs5? i like the brush styles & idont know enough in illustrator to make my own.

  8. sonnybrown says:

    Definitely. Completely came across you by accident and glad I did. On a side note, my girlfriend just pointed out to me that you probably know our friend Chris as he worked on Sponge Bob as well. Small world if you do!

  9. CartoonSNAP says:

    Yes, the templates on the download page work for everything from Illustrator 10 all the way up to CS4 (and probably CS5) Templates are at Cartoonsnap d-t c-m slash template

  10. CartoonSNAP says:

    Thanks! I appreciate hearing that 🙂

  11. sonnybrown says:

    I’m super impressed you’re doing tutorials. Really nice tutorials I might add. Thank you.

  12. Gravesyte says:

    Am I able to use your template in adobe illustrator cs3 I’m getting a digipro wp4030 soon hopefully everything will work

  13. CartoonSNAP says:

    The brushes are in the teplate which you can download from my website. See video #1 for the website address (YouTube won’t let me type it here)

  14. KrazyBean14 says:

    Are those brushes already there or do you have to make them all?

  15. hftw1 says:

    hey mate, got to say this tutorial was very helpfull since i just got illustrator and still learning the basics, the brush creation part was awesome. cheers
    one thing i would like to ask, it might sound noobish but, i don’t manage to be able to use the brush over an opened document, i mean, i create a new layer but it does not allow me to go over it with the brush.
    can you help me pls?

  16. CartoonSNAP says:

    Thanks for that tool tip — I’ll try it out next time I fire up Illustrator 🙂

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