3Ds Max Tutorial – 14 – Editable Polygons

3Ds Max Tutorial - 14 - Editable Polygons

Intro to editable polygons
Video Tutorial Rating: 4 / 5

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14 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 14 – Editable Polygons”

  1. kinkyboo13 says:

    Tested that, didn’t work for me on 2013 edition

  2. 999tiaguinho says:

    no cyclops xD

  3. Gilgamex says:

    thought of the exact same thang

  4. Crackles06 says:

    Another awesome tutorial

  5. Sobo272 says:

    Wireframe in your perspective viewport would have been a really good way to visually show “backfacing”

  6. llehctim4 says:

    Or click the ‘X’ key.

  7. kinkyboo13 says:

    I found a way to solve it 😀
    in 3Ds Max go to Customize > preference and then choose Gizmo at the top and check the box “On”
    Hope this helps

  8. pearl blue says:

    if ur right-click doesnt work y dont u just add the edit poly modifier?

  9. Icecodes says:

    Look like Benson from Regular Show.

  10. tolisBFMV says:

    what graphics card do you use?

  11. tkwndo55 says:

    WHats the diffrence between editable mesh and editable poly?

  12. elcurvo says:

    Good,but Basic- basic- tutorial !.

  13. Spirit0fFire1 says:

    i must of hit something, because i dont get the blue/green/red arrows at all, for moving all i can use is the red thing that makes it so u can only move at the highlighted direction

  14. MegaMidoen says:

    if the shortcut does not work u can right click and choose move for the menu …but iam sure the shortcut “w” works

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