Adobe After Effects Tutorial – Fruit Ninja

Adobe After Effects Tutorial - Fruit Ninja

Send Me Your Responses on Facebook! For More VFX training check out Learn how to use the effect seen in Final Cut King’s I am Fruit Ninja. Included are two tutorials on making the fruit cuts and the sword streaks. Use these concepts to make your own “Action Pack Essentials” of different types of elements. comment on my facebook page for serious questions and to post your videos using the fruit footage. Fruit Essentials Download
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11 responses to “Adobe After Effects Tutorial – Fruit Ninja”

  1. AlexB776 says:

    0:36 greenscreen? seriously :D ?

  2. majid jamali says:

    like this

  3. majid jamali says:

    fruit Ninja

  4. EEffectStudio says:

    WOW !!!
    Cool Video :))
    Check out my Channel…

  5. Sabrina Pineda says:

    OMG! This is so hard!!! Ugh, Im gonna need more practice……>.<

  6. Armithan says:

    What language are you speaking?!

  7. MrLukosius says:

    Well I thanks for tutorial i figured this to by my self. Insted making mask i used trapcode particular, its much more easer for me 😀 Thanks so much

  8. MrLukosius says:

    When i press mask path my mask doesnt move when i change place.

  9. heswallaxe says:

    check out my latest video

  10. coolash86 says:

    Stop fruit abuse, #fruitabuse

  11. THEMAN9851 says:

    lol i would just cut the fruit in the air… much easier lol

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