Fireworks Tutorial Create Image inside Text, Masking w/ Text

Fireworks Tutorial Create Image inside Text, Masking w/ Text

In the following tutorial we will create an image inside of text effect and learn how to use text as a mask for both vector and bitmap graphics in several different ways.Please enjoy responsibly and check out the site

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18 responses to “Fireworks Tutorial Create Image inside Text, Masking w/ Text”

  1. teflonnazz says:

    Thank You Soooo Much !

  2. bigdima3 says:

    Great, tnx

  3. stigmatic79 says:

    please can you make a tutorial on how to make a professional signature? please?

  4. KidJane95 says:

    I’m having so many problems with this its unreal, I make the rectangle and its not filled. I try to put the chrome thing on it, it doesn’t work help?

  5. GBTuts says:

    Awesome video! 🙂

  6. tirathmistry says:

    Awesome trick
    Thanks so much genus for your golden trick
    I learn so much from you
    Keep doing good work
    God bless you 🙂

  7. ReeceGovan1 says:

    you are a legend mate!!!
    thanks so much x

  8. 95Ariel13 says:

    yes you can grosslyclever

  9. TravelTroops says:

    Can someone please make my channel a Text Picture name on Fireworks ?

    Please PM me if you can..

    Thanks !

  10. did4rz says:

    man thanks 4 helpin,this vid helped *****

  11. ClassicRocker77 says:

    there is another way.. by addung the subtract filter

  12. admirnaruto says:

    he is using Fireworks

  13. Peteragent5 says:

    what program are your using?????

  14. grosslyclever says:

    Cant you do that in photoshop?

  15. blinkmadden1120 says:

    nice one! thanks

  16. lukelavo06 says:

    that was really, really, really, really helpful! Thank you =D

  17. Medinnersready says:

    Excellently presented.Tnx.

  18. ralstudio says:

    Thx!! 😉

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