Illustrator tools a beginner should master – Pen tool

Illustrator tools a beginner should master - Pen tool

The focus of this series is to get you working in illustrator a little bit faster by just explaining the top 10 tools on the toolbar youll probably using the most. This video is about the pen tool. visit for the rest of this series and other cool illustration tips.
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13 responses to “Illustrator tools a beginner should master – Pen tool”

  1. mustlovekari says:

    thank you! you taught me how to draw a straight line! i could not find a place that taught me how to draw a straight line….

  2. pixelmasque says:

    nice work 🙂

  3. NickQuivooy says:

    Deselect the fill, in your left menu. He explains it in the beginning of the vid.

  4. eBookAddict says:

    This video is just the bees knees

  5. SALGCProductions says:

    Thumbs up if you’re paying a ton of money to go to college and in your classes you’re watching this, when you could stay at home and learn all of this for free.

  6. mambolambo says:

    sounds like chris from family guy!

  7. xzistpo says:

    Man, could you name your videos as “part 1, part 2 etc” I have a hard time figuring out witch one comes first …

    thanks for the tutorials

  8. RichieGrapaChannel says:

    How come when I do this, there would be a white color between the two points? it doesn’t become a line,.how do i get rid of that?

  9. herrbecker88 says:

    Is there a way to illustrator to create a “preview” of the curve/line before placing the point (just like in corel draw) ??

  10. thinsmek says:

    I’ve been trying to learn how to use paths, and this is the most useful thing I have seen all day! Thanks Dan.

  11. xxTheDarkSide says:

    i have a problem on illustrator. when i make a straight line using the pen tool i can’t change the size of the line to make it smaller. can some one tell me how to fix that?

  12. Morphindel says:

    sounds like Hoagie from Day of the Tentacle

  13. slacsdbrr says:

    thanks for your time man, great tutorial I can actually utilize this tool now!

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