Lightroom Tutorial: Ocean Sunrise

Lightroom Tutorial: Ocean Sunrise

Just a quick tutorial on some basic lightroom functions you can use to spice up your landscape shots. The example is a photo I took early one morning on the coast of NH. 20 second exposure at f/16 on a D700 using the Tamron 28-75 2.8 lens. For more coolness, check out my website –
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16 responses to “Lightroom Tutorial: Ocean Sunrise”

  1. Tim9666 says:

    WHY aren’t you using the “RECOVERY” tool??? There are still some blown out parts in the sky that disturb me. Give it a try!!

  2. savillejoe63 says:

    Thanks! really great tutorial. from Japan

  3. BenAndrewl says:

    Great tutorial

  4. fede081178 says:

    Nice tutorial! It seems “cheating” to me though: the final picture has nothing to do with the original shot. . .

  5. Kittani1977 says:

    Very cool tutorial… I mostly do landscape photos to sell online and am now convinced to buy lightroom. Setting up a proper workflow on a budget has been the most daunting task for me.

  6. TJVVentura says:

    Great tutorial man! I’m very excited to try that where i live! cheers!

  7. One95studios says:

    This is great! – I took notes lol

  8. adiomari says:


  9. BillabongNJ says:

    so you do use the tamron 28-75 for some enviormental/outdoor lanscapes? Also ok lens for d3100? or no?

  10. spongebob054 says:

    great tutorial…Thanks

  11. pigin007 says:


  12. CrazyLini says:

    nice video

  13. CUATRO55 says:

    I just picked up lightroom. great tutorial!

  14. mostroboi says:

    keep up the excellent work!
    thanks very much 😀

  15. peterfireball says:

    great tutorial thanks you

  16. loubano says:

    Thanks you very much for this nice tutorial I would never imagine the potential of lightroom!!!!!

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