3Ds Max Tutorial – 5 – Binding Objects

3Ds Max Tutorial - 5 - Binding Objects

How to bind objects
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17 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial – 5 – Binding Objects”

  1. Leo Heinert says:

    im soo hyped i found this haha, its fun to follow!!

  2. kOkSiK31 says:

    It helped me really much, thx a lot man 😉

  3. MsSeheri says:

    This hoes getting stuck with the bottom point of the cubes when I am picking top and bottom objects!!!

  4. ReichspawN says:

    thanks for the tutorials Bam you gave me a great start in Max.. just came back to check this one out because i’m making a frame for a motorbike this technique works with cylinders too btw.. just wondering though how do you make a straw with 2 bendy joints? <.<

  5. Swolorheim says:

    I love you! (no homo)

  6. CrazyTalkin says:

    I don’t know about anyone else but I experienced an issue with the hose becoming cramped in its center. I managed to resolve the problem by rotating one of the tubes as the hose was twisted for some reason. Hope this helps someone….

  7. thatAWES0MEdude says:

    i created the tube but y is my objects shaky?

  8. jagsomeone says:

    super helpful videos, thanks so much. I’m a maya person and I need to learn 3ds but I’m having a hard time finding good tutorials. You teach so well, I’m returning the crappy books I bought 🙂

  9. Tehgreenerlantern says:

    Not blessed, i’m blessed. hahaha!

  10. GamingKiwi says:

    For people still having the hose problem: You need to make your tubes both have negative or positive heights. You can’t have one tube have a positive height while the other has a negative height. You need both of them to have positive heights or both have negative heights.

  11. Crackles06 says:

    Thumbs up again!

  12. psvitahun says:

    i still have the problem. i pulled both two below the grid :/

  13. Bellanzarite says:

    It might be to do more with your computer’s capabilities rather than 3DS Max itself. Check that your graphics card is compatible with it, and if it is, then update your drivers. If that’s all ok, then try reinstalling it?

  14. nick11695 says:

    Great teaching, entertaining “Bams”, you sir have earned yourself a subscriber!

  15. 48203416 says:

    Best teaching style I’ve ever come across. Straight to the point; no going ’round the point so much ’till it becomes obscured. I wish every teacher was like this guy. The world would be a smarter place.

  16. 1czyms says:

    thx 2 u ….your a generous friend!

  17. szymodinho says:

    Thanks for this 🙂

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