Photoshop: Abstract Fireworks for New Years!

Photoshop: Abstract Fireworks for New Years!

Just in time for New Years, create neat looking abstract fireworks using Adobe Photoshop using a custom brush and Layer Styles! Make sure to check out my oth…
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22 responses to “Photoshop: Abstract Fireworks for New Years!”

  1. Owen Chen says:

    I’m facing an issue: I don’t have that rusty metal texture at 3:08
    What shall I do?

  2. cmptrtube says:

    Thumbs up if you watching this in 2013!

  3. catherinesean72 says:

    looking for WORKING adobe photoshop keygen? i just saw one here

  4. Sonika Sanghi says:

    hey paul, even i was facing the same problem, but then i tried and i got it. what u do is, after giving the stroke, press v(move tool) n then click on edit. u will get it.

  5. Jawad Alhabib says:

    wow thank you

  6. Saher Meeran says:

    Not 2056, but I’m watching this in 2013. so cool.

  7. Shannon Harris says:

    Haha, I’m watching this in 2013. lol

  8. Steph Bubblebear says:

    I had the same problem, when making the new page make sure that it set to pixels not cms like i did.

  9. bossman408 says:

    Awesome tutorial

  10. Mr1Opposition says:

    Can’t follow you on this one buddy? Way to fast through those layers styles?

  11. I Flourish says:

    idk get how to make the dart board thing perfect 🙁

  12. 901umer says:

    i dont have the rusted metal texture thing? 3:08

  13. dieguitomalbec says:

    excellent! PS doesn’t have secrets for you …

  14. ThePrikoki says:

    You know what I like about your tutorials ,Howard?

    You deliver professionalism , still not being such a hot shot about it;)
    Keep it up!

  15. مصطفى الحبشى says:

    You are a genius

  16. SWEDISHWB says:

    Great video

  17. 0CraZy0ThiNg0 says:


  18. Rishi gupta says:

    Just awesome….!!

  19. Bobby Villela says:

    AWESOME!  Thanks, I’ll be using this for my New Years Message coming up!

  20. iThinkergoiMac says:

    This is great! Super helpful tutorial, it got me just the style of fireworks I was looking for!

  21. iThinkergoiMac says:

    I had trouble with this at first as well, but it turns out that IceflowStudios is deleting the path without saying that he is. Delete the path (it won’t delete the brush stroke) and you’ll be all set.

  22. Jeffrey De Jong says:

    hello, i only have 5 textures, how can i get the ones you have?

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