Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! ::The Pen Tool::

Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! ::The Pen Tool::

Check this video out at Hi-Res here: Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics application, therefore virtually everything in Illustrator is created using paths. The Pen Tool is the king of paths, you can create any king of path using the pen tool, you just need to know how to use it! We are going to learn how to use the pen tool and we will trace the outline of an object as well! Watch, Learn, Enjoy!

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21 responses to “Adobe Illustrator Tutorial! ::The Pen Tool::”

  1. Kyzylx says:

    Amazing Thank you! I was so frustrated with the Pen Tool, now it makes a lot more sense!

  2. LukePayneMusic says:

    thank you for this excellent tutorial.

  3. Nirvana11b says:

    take a shot of whiskey every time he says “pen tool”

  4. tatanwi says:

    amazing tutorial. you are born to do this! thanks, i have learnt a lot.

  5. TheMfsb11 says:

    Thank you soooooo much this was very easy to understand in College and need to trace a turkey by Saturday . God Bless you Excellent VIDEO
    Mona b

    just a thought

  6. theOnlypui says:

    Everything I needed to know. Better than most videos, clear and concise.

  7. Swaggtasticc01 says:

    Hey anybody know how i can open my illustration i did on ps? Or save it as a png or jpeg file for internet use or does it only open up on illustrator please help i seen people illustrate something and they can put it on the internet and even screen print them

  8. Mpathize says:

    Hi,I’m a photoshop guy and losing the will to live here, not your fault as i’ve followed ur PS tut’s including your pen tool in PS with great results.
    My Q is..if i have i really need illustrator? When traceing in PS and i flatten the image i know i am then rasterizing the final file, is there anyway in PS to keep the final output vector?..or have i answered my own Q ie only illustrator outputs i have a copy of illust’ that i havnt even installed yet do i need it for vectors

  9. abadplanner1 says:

    thanks. really appreciate your efforts. would pay for this.

  10. madr0ry says:

    cheers, great vid

  11. DrakenI78 says:

    Thank you for the Tutorial, i been looking for this for a while and you have this Tutorial just the way i was looking for….Thank You

  12. daeviant says:

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial. Probably the best one I’ve watched!

  13. aizenXsamaXKYOKA says:

    thnx for the tutorial mate

  14. marktheshark2000 says:

    If any one watches Ugly Americans this guy is Mark Lilly.

    Also this is an extremely helpful tut thank you!

  15. fitdogStudios says:

    Excellent tutorial. Thanks

  16. joshua43210 says:

    Can you give us the guitar picture you used? I found one similar to yours but different colors, but when I pasted it onto my illustrator file, it was all pixels and not-smooth.

  17. scizessita says:

    THANKS from someone who has been wielding the pen tool for about 15 years but who, until watching your tutorial, had never really understood the secret life of tangent handles: why they go off on their own little tangents, as it were, and how to make them behave.

  18. irishanneubalde says:

    great teacher!

  19. C29eri says:

    I appreciate your effort to explain it as detailed as possible. For someone like me who wants to learn how to use adobe illustrator without spending money, it is indeed, very helpful.

  20. realdngrs says:

    Great video. Long but detailed and helpful!

  21. NicMarshallTV says:

    look at his video “adobe illustrator 101 tutorial: create a vector badge” it will teach you EXACTLY hoe to do that

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