Dreamweaver Tutorial – 7 – Images

Dreamweaver Tutorial - 7 - Images

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13 responses to “Dreamweaver Tutorial – 7 – Images”

  1. tallandfrothy says:

    I totally didnt expect that to be the image

  2. felixmul says:

    Is this Seth Green?

  3. Jo0zek20 says:

    i love him too

  4. The1Obito says:


  5. penguinYT1 says:

    Again, wow! And thanks!

  6. MyNameIsSylar89 says:

    looks like that one chick is giving that dude a handy

  7. TheCurseofblackpearl says:

    nice picture

  8. Single0Speed says:

    who could dislike this, hes just helping out with free advice, what haters!!!

  9. 0544218789 says:


  10. krishnankuta says:

    didnt he got a better pic2show & explain.i mean how can u show such pics @the tym of study it distracts ur mind &doesnt allow u to concentrate mann….&if he had showed pic of a beautiful & hot gal thn this tutorial would b more famous for the pic rather thn Dreamweaver part.

  11. juanferrero2009 says:

    hey thanksss!! kickass man i feel so proud when i can just learn SUCH a thing as programing websites, for free.. on a free websites, to distribute free content on sustainable living… its just nuts. Someone 10-12 years ago would have thought that to be out of it.. =D

  12. BharatGovind says:

    dude you rock!

  13. WhiteWoodEnt says:

    Zoom Out Please

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