3Ds Max Tutorial | Realistic Exterior Environment !

3Ds Max Tutorial | Realistic Exterior Environment !

You can download the scene in MAX format on my website http://pierre.c.p.free.fr PUT SUBTITLES ON ! They are available in ENGLISH & FRANCAIS This tutorial ex…

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17 responses to “3Ds Max Tutorial | Realistic Exterior Environment !”

  1. ulta heaven says:

    thanks for the effort´╗┐

  2. MrSpeakzenglish says:

    thks mate, great help´╗┐

  3. Boris Maljenovic says:

    amaters work..

  4. Goli0330 says:

    ses fakt dement

  5. pierrrecesar says:

    I think this is an illusion but you can do this using the environment panel
    (key 8) then increasing vignetting.

  6. VyperSniper says:

    @VyperSniper btw i subscribed!

  7. marinos3flash says:

    some material on my model won’t be displayed either in the render window or
    the prespective…what should i do

  8. DiegoSynth says:

    Awesome! Thank you!

  9. VyperSniper says:

    i cant find the horizon height option help?

  10. aaron araya says:

    where did you download the sky image from?

  11. ilguidom says:

    il tuo tutorial fa schifo

  12. pierrrecesar says:

    You can find it on internet by searching hdri sky

  13. Anwar Khan says:

    Thanks for the tutorial. It was very useful

  14. marinos3flash says:

    who do you get tha shadow on the bottom left and right corner?

  15. Yattakutta says:

    Thanks !

  16. rodiat1 says:

    Thanks for the tutorial

  17. jamesmcsparron says:

    Do a realistic tutoria sir. Your resolution is crap even before the screen
    is maximised. And can’t you do audio? Is that why you like to do silent
    scenes? It looks like a great tutorial otherwise. Sorry for being so harsh!

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